May 17, 2016
Heading Home
By: Kalle

This will be the last post of our six month blog. It has been quite a journey but everything has to end sometime. It is the final day at the office for me and Liisa. Our colleagues have prepared a farewell ceremony for us and I hope it won't get too emotional. People here have been very welcoming and one of our colleagues even invited us for dinner at his house on our final week in India. Even though we have traveled a lot and seen many things, the hospitality and authenticity of that dinner made it one of my greatest experiences in India.


Even though we will continue working together it won't be the same as being here with these people. I think many of them are sad to see us leave and I will surely miss many of them as well. India has taught us a lot and definitely widen our horizons. Even though it has been hard both physically and mentally at some points, I wouldn't change this experience for the world. Not to let things get too emotional here are the top 10 Indian things I won't be missing in Finland:

  1. The amount of speedbumps

  2. Singing phonecall commercials

  3. Over 40 degree heat

  4. Dry days (No alcohol is served anywhere during these days)

  5. Confusing bureaucracy

  6. Selfies with strangers

  7. Honking

  8. Sitting in a car for ages

  9. Random animals on the streets

  10. Coriander

Thank you for everyone who has been following our journey.

IYP Team

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