March 23, 2016
A word about enjoying food
By: Jonatan

On the weekends that we stay in Pune we explore the local restaurants. Especially having a relaxed, no hassle breakfast during the weekends is a favorite of ours.

Restaurant A cute little breakfast spot in KP.

In our experience Koregaon Park (KP to the locals) is one of the best places to find good food and drinks. Koregaon Park is an area of the city very close to Magarpatta. It is filled with lush greenery and amidst its several lanes are found dozens of good restaurants. It is easily reachable by Uber (our preferred method of traveling) from Magarpatta City in 20-30min for a pleasant 130 INR or so.

Breakfast A typical breakfast with different eggs, sandwiches, waffles/pancakes and all for a pleasant price!

Smoothie Also yummy smoothies with fresh fruit!

As the weather is getting hotter mornings are still somewhat bearable so we often enjoy our breakfast outside on the patios in the pleasant 30ish degrees. In the afternoon the weather starts to hit closer to 40'C in the shade (hot!!) and that is when most people hide inside their homes and hope they have AC.

Later in the evening, usually once the sun has set around 7pm the weather starts to be bearable again and people flood the streets. This is also the time we head out for dinner to either KP or some "local" establishment in Magarpatta City.

Below are some examples of our "typical" dinner if eating out.

Thai Bass Some fried Thai Bass for dinner in KP.

Chocolate Cake Chocolate is good!

All in all I would say the restaurant scene in Pune is quite nice and there are many tasty places to find to fill that craving for some, not-so-Indian, food at times. A good app to find these restaurants is Zomato, where you can search restaurants and view their menus and even order home deliver if you feel being lazy during the weekdays (after 12h work+commuting you often do..).

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