February 01, 2016
Traffic! Horn!
By: Jonatan

As Anna mentioned in the previous blog post we travel by cab to work and back every day. So in this post I will share with you some of our experiences with traffic and commuting in India.

Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycles can carry more than two. But no helmets are used..

Because there are so many people and almost 3 million vehicles (cars, motorcycles, riksha’s, busses and whatnot) roaming the streets of Pune the traffic is bad. It is everywhere and it hardly ever stops. You just have to get used to it while in India.

Traffic in India first seems to be chaotic and without order, but there is a certain flow to it. Somehow the 400,000 vehicles going to Hinjewadi and back every day manage to do it on roads which are built for what seems a tenth of the amount.


From yesterdays Times of India. 1 lakh = 100 000.

So far on the highway to work we have seen horses running loose (some close calls with other travelers), a goat herd being transported to a different pasture, your normal cow(s) just chilling where they like, men riding camels amongst the traffic and stray dogs trying to cross the road. These and other things are a part of our daily commute, keeps things interesting.

Morning Traffic

Morning traffic is pleasant on the highway, no animals here though.

Some “fun” facts about our commuting to PDC3 in Hinjewadi:

  • over 90 hours spent in the cab so far, luckily we are still coming along well with Anna!
  • 2000km of cabbing under our belt
  • Average speed has been a speedy 22km/h
  • 15 different drivers (the more the merrier does not apply here)
  • Still have roughly 230 hours and almost 5000 km to travel!

Evening Traffic

Evening traffic is not so pleasant.. The big rule over the small.


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