February 23, 2016
Fun times at the amusement park!
By: Jonatan

A few weeks back we decided to visit a nearby amusement park, Adlabs Imagica! It is about 90km from Pune, basically between Pune and Mumbai next to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It is the first and only International standards theme park in India. Knowing that, we decided it's a good place to spend a sunny Sunday.

Amusement Park On our way to the amusement park, spirits are high!

There are 21 attractions & rides and 5 themed restaurants in the park. Enough fun for one day! We were expecting a large crowd, but maybe we were lucky as there weren't that many people (at least for Indian standards). Queues were manageable and time flies fast when you are having fun!

Lake There was a small lake in the middle of the park.

Crocodiles Pirate crocodiles need to carry toothbrushes when traveling in hot air balloons.

Nitro Nitro, the first and one of the most thrilling rides in the park!

Nitro Nitro gives you a rush!

Group photo You could buy pictures of your best moments in a ride from nearly all thrilling roller coasters. Ps. Liisa has a knack for posing in photos.

The rides were of a few different type: thrilling roller coasters, family rides to enjoy as a group (and sometimes get you very wet!) and kids rides. We focused on the first two and let our inner kids have some fun!

Mr. India Mr.India the ride!

Control room Mr. Indias nemesis's control rooms console.

Mr. India is a popular Hindi scifi super hero movie from 1987. Some say it's a cult classic! To celebrate this awesome movie, they had a ride for it! It was somewhat strange, all in Hindi, but fun nonetheless!

Castle The scary castle of Salimgarh! Many screams and shakes were experienced.

Laser guns Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr, use laser guns to save Alibaba! (sounds cool, eh!)

KalleKalle being cool, the rest goofing around!

All in all it was a very fun day and we enjoyed having a break of our normal life in Pune. But after 8 hours of rides and thrills we felt like it's time to jump in our cab and take the 2h drive back home. If you ever end up staying longer in Pune or Mumbai, consider dropping a visit to this theme park.

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