May 10, 2016
Farewell week
By: Liisa

This has been my fourth time living abroad, and the last weeks always feel a little unreal. Every small thing feels dramatic – is this the last time that I take this walk? Buy this coffee? Have lunch with these coworkers? Suddenly I feel very fond of DC's kiosks, sleeping stray dogs, even our hotel corridor.

Team lunch

Kalle and I have been working side by side the whole time. It has been interesting to follow the work of many IDC teams of this account: application maintenance, support functions, and now testing in a new project. We have seen how the capacity here has literally grown in front of our eyes, as new buildings just seem to rise from the ground. We've changed office buildings four times ourselves.

Saying goodbye to Tanja who visited the testing team from Finland for three weeks

IYP program has been a great way to see how IDC works and get to know new coworkers. I'm glad I'll meet many of them again as they visit Finland. I'll do my best to help them, since our Indian colleagues were endlessly supportive when we were new to this country.

India can be exhausting, and it hasn't been easy every day. But it helps to have great people around you. I can't but repeat Anna and Jonatan: this country never stops surprising you. I hope to be back some day.

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