May 03, 2016
End of a Chapter
By: Jonatan

As mentioned in my first post this was my first time in India and in Asia. I tried to not have any expectations or prejudice when coming here as I was told India is well.. India. It is hard to explain, you need to see it for yourself to really understand. This place can and will surprise you every day!

During my nearly 6 months here I have come to see the many faces of India and noticed the kind, helpful and colorful people this country has to offer.

I continued in the same project at IDC as I had started in Finland. Transition was easy and my Indian colleagues have been more than helpful both work wise and in any other personal or cultural issues I might have encountered during my stay.

Hinjewadi Offices

The Hinjewadi office complex from a colleague's balcony, our office is the leftmost.

The work day is longer than in Finland but there are more common breaks people take together to go for tea or whatnot. This adds a sense of community to the work which I feel Finnish workplaces are sometimes lacking. Working in India I have been able to see the delivery side of projects with the development and testing. This is valuable experience and will be of use for the rest of my career.

On the way to work

I have been following the construction work on the Mumbai Pune Expressway during our daily commute. Slowly but steadily..

A negative side here is the amount of commuting me and Anna have had to have. Sitting in a taxi for 3 hours a day is not always fun, but you do get used to it quite fast. Makes the weekdays go by fast as you spend roughly 12h day at work or commuting. This of course depends a lot on where you stay and where you work at.

Commuting fun facts, part 2

  • Total around 340 hours, which is over 14 days!

  • Close to 7000 km of cabbing, its only 6019km from Pune to Helsinki!

  • Roughly 71 speed bumps between the Cocoon hotel and PDC3 office (23 alone in Magarpatta!!)!


A screenshot of the weather app last week. IT'S HOT!

Another 2 weeks left of India and the blistering heat (thank god for AC!). It has been quite the ride and an experience I have thoroughly enjoyed. But as the time here comes to an end I have begun thinking of my family and friends whom I have not seen in 6 months. One chapter is coming to an end.

On to new adventures!

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