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January 25, 2016
My Typical Day
By: Anna

It has been more than two months since we came to India and yet we haven’t wrote anything about the main reason for our being here – our work! In this post you get to take a peek in my typical day in India.

7.00 am Alarm goes on, it’s time to wake up. It’s beautiful morning as always. I quickly grab a quick bite at our hotel restaurant before starting my journey to the office.

Morning view from my window.

7.45 am Our driver is here! Me and Jonatan start our 45min drive to Accenture Hinjawadi office. While traveling, we spend time reading Indian newspapers and chatting.

Me and Jonatan ready for a new day!

8.30 We reach the office. People arrive in two shifts so these early hours are quite quiet at our bay. I check my emails and start working on my tasks.

9.30 “Chai?” My colleague sends me a message asking me for some delicious morning tea. After a quick tea break I work with some test execution tasks for my current project. I also do documenting and discuss with colleagues whenever we can help each other.

1.30 pm After productive morning my stomach calls for a break. I join my colleagues for lunch in one of the four cafeterias located in our IT park. Usually I have some Indian dish which costs me around 40 rupees (60 cents). After lunch we take a quick walk around the IT Park to stretch our legs and brain.

Delicious vegetarian thali for lunch!

Taking a walk and enjoying some lemon juice after lunch.

2.30pm Back to work – it is a busy time in my project and there is a lot to do! In the afternoon our colleagues in Finland have also arrived to office and I might talk with them online.

4.30pm Time for afternoon tea! My colleagues teach me some Hindi phrases over a sweet cup of chai.

Me and my next table neighbour Ruchi at tea break.

6.00 pm Work for the day is done and we leave the office. In the afternoon the traffic is much heavier and it usually takes us double the time to reach back to our hotel. We spend time reading emails, online news from Finland and chatting. Even this blog post has been written on our way back home!

8.00pm We reached our hotel. I quickly change, have a snack and run to my yoga class at the close by gym. Or then just have a dinner with other Finns and Swedes or relax in my room.

The hotel staff left a nice surprise in my room.

11.00 pm Time to go to bed. Another nice day in Pune has passed by so quickly!


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