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Ulla Kuukka is a senior manager in Accenture’s European Health practice, with a strong focus on change enablement, transformational programs and implementing Electronic Health Records (EHRs). She recognises that EHR projects involve a lot more than technology — overall vision and approach, solid business case, stakeholder management, organisational readiness and patient-centricity all come into play.

Ulla has over 18 years of experience and refined skills as a health care and public-sector consultant in transformational change programs, process redesign, customer/patient centricity, implementation planning and execution, and project and account management. Her collaborative can-do approach has been applied to programs in Finland, the UAE and the US. She is highly skilled in design thinking and empathy-based leadership.

Ulla joined Accenture following her studies in Political Science at the University of Helsinki, and has completed multiple leadership programs including Leadership in Healthcare from Aalto University. Ulla is inspired by the opportunity to be part of something big, to make health and social care better and more accessible to citizens and particularly to those most in need for care. She is an avid promoter of comprehensive health care, where social determinants are taken into account in addition to just traditional health care aspects. Currently she is acting as Deployment Director at a large EHR program, combining both social and health care into one seamless system for the 1st time in the world.

Healthcare blogs

Ulla weighs in on the latest health research and trends to help healthcare organizations deliver better more effective and efficient healthcare.

Workforce data: Knowing people is helping people II

Accenture's blog discusses the outcomes of using workforce data in healthcare to better understand employee needs and potential.

Workforce data: Knowing people is helping people

Accenture's blog explains how workforce data can help healthcare workers understand themselves and transform HR function to HMR.

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