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Incorporar la ciencia a las ventas: Lo que todo director de ventas debería saber sobre el analytics de ventas

En la actual economía de competencia global, clientes exigentes y escasas oportunidades de crecimiento, las empresas no se pueden permitir el lujo de que su organización de ventas tenga un rendimiento deficiente.



Over the last decade, the widespread implementation of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and sales opportunity management systems has improved the availability and quality of sales and sales-related data for use in analytics. Facing significant attrition rates, a heavier reliance on tools and analytics helps sales teams maintain effective levels of product and customer knowledge.

In addition, the increasing complexity of many companies’ product and service bundles makes it difficult, if not impossible, for individual sales representatives to make effective decisions about prospecting, customer targeting, cross-selling and other key sales tasks without having a strong analytics capability to support these decisions.

And, finally, customers simply have become more demanding: They expect sales people to understand their needs and to match product or service offerings precisely to their preferences and circumstances.

Bringing Science to Selling: Achieving High Performance through Sales Analytics discusses the opportunities that exist for the use of sales analytics across the end-to-end sales process. It also provides examples of how the application of analytics to specific areas of the sales process has reaped significant benefits. Additionally, it addresses the more practical challenge of making sales analytics happen in your organization by offering seven guiding principles companies should consider when introducing sales analytics.


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