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Role summary

The Talent Fulfilment Specialist role is part of the Talent Supply Chain organization under GU HR Business Service Delivery.


The Talent Fulfilment Specialist is responsible for managing scheduling of resources for their respective resource pool, undertaking the critical set of processes which helps to identify and propose right talent from a resource pool to ensure fulfillment of all open roles and for managing/monitoring people productivity targets.


The Talent Fulfilment Specialist works with the GU/ Country Resource Pool Lead to focus on supply management activities in order to deliver resources to fulfill demand at right time and price to meet client needs.


The main responsibilities include:

·       Determines ‘sourcing’ channel to fulfill demand

·       Understands project assumptions and priorities (including demand priority) for roles.

·       Access “alternate pools” as necessary

·       Works with the GU/ Country Resource Pool lead to understand the business environment to determine, develop and execute innovative solutions to provide guidance and counsel to resolve supply issues, and provide input into resource planning activities

·       Accountable for filling roles assigned to their resource pools and for getting their people staffed

·       Handles routine scheduling transactions and more complex situations with a minimum of help

·       Is responsible for fulfilling faculties allocated to the entity

·       Might combine multiple Talent Specialist roles according to the DTE critical mass.

Key Responsibilities

Value Creator

        Apply deep understanding of local knowledge and nuances of process areas supported

        Escalate issues and risks in a timely and appropriate manner

        Establish self as an expert or key contributor

        Increase client/customer or user satisfaction

        Create re-usable solution, process or work product

        Make/propose improvements to work

Business Operator

        Responsible for filling demands assigned to their resource pools and for getting their people staffed

        Creating short-term and long term supply plans for their resource pool based on current and future demand view

        Considers all sourcing channels in filling roles (e.g. contractors / new joiners)

        Represent and/or support individual people in the scheduling process as needed

         Understand needs, preferences, skills, etc. and match people to roles accordingly

        For roles assigned to their resource pools, identify the resources in own resource pool or ‘borrow’ from another resource pool and fill the roles (Recruiting responsible for hiring new resources).

        Work with career counselors on coaching employees on scheduling assignments

        Drive and/or participate in decision-making for staffing decision that needs escalation

        Consider and balance various scheduling principles in making decisions

        Confirm scheduling assignments

        Proactively communicate availability of people/skills and push to schedule available resource

        Ensure accurate scheduling data in scheduling systems

        Help facilitate alternative resource pool solutions

        Approve bringing on contractors based on the lack of available resources and build relationships with contractors that specialize in resource pool area

        Support project contact and GU Demand Leads in defining, identifying and evaluating candidates for open resource requests; and filling resource requirements

        Typically works with the GU Demand Leads but may work directly with client team executives when that is more effective

        Manages individual chargeability of all resources within their resource pool

        Responsible to identify contingent staffing requirement and work with procurement team to fill contingent staffing positions on projects

        Build and maintain relationships with GU Demand Leads through regular meetings, ad-hoc discussion, regular e-mails etc. to collaborate on meeting the client demand

        Depending on the situation, be flexible about who is in the best position to help the project 

        If contacted directly by a project team, immediately include the project management and share the scheduling process/owners with the project executive

        Review the new/updated open roles and get additional information if necessary from GU Demand Leads/GU Demand Supports

        Search potential resources within approved fulfillment channels, review available and/or interested resources and create candidate shortlist

        Propose shortlisted candidates with GU Demand Leads/GU Demand Supports for review, confirm assignment of selected candidate and update calendar accordingly

        Manage and track people productivity metrics such as chargeability, bench, average time to fill demands for their respective resource pool

        Confirm schedule/Gather feedback recent experience/Collect preferences

        Determine staffing principles that apply to individual

        Search for open roles that comply with protocol for individual

        Assess options with GU/Country Resource Pool Lead for individual (re- skilling)

        Report on open roles

        Deliver according to agreed SLAs and statutory obligations

        Ensure high quality work products and processes

        Meet deliverable requirements/specific targets

        Maximize personal productivity

        Meet challenging/key timelines

        Reduce dependency on supervisor’s inputs

People Developer

        Build skills needed to execute current responsibilities

        Contribute to a positive work environment

Key Relationships


GU/Country DTE Resource Pool Leads, GU Demand Leads, Resource Fulfillment Channels, Recruiters, Employees, Project Managers, Shared Services, Procurement




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Qualifications and Experience


Post Graduate/ Graduate degree (preferred in Human Resource Management)

Work Experience

        Experience of delivering HR services to internal/ external clients is preferred

        Good communication and relationship management skills

        Capability to understand and balance the impact of scheduling decisions on all of the business outcomes (overdue demand, productivity, labor cost, employee engagement, etc.)

        Capability to understand and appreciate a project’s perspective on unfilled demand, and be able to communicate status, challenges, action/support needed from the project, etc. in order to fill demand

        Ability to remain confident under pressure and work with project teams collaboratively to address issues

·       Understanding of financial implications of workforce, level, contractor usage, etc. as they are filling demand

Key Competencies

Professional Competencies

·       Negotiation : Advanced

·       Relationship Development - Building and Maintaining Relationships – Advanced

·       People Management – Collaboration – Advanced

·       Effective Communication - Message Development: Advanced

·       Effective Communication - Written Communication: Advanced


Functional Competencies

·       Scheduling: Expert

·       Resource Forecasting and Planning: Advanced

·       DTE Business Acumen knowledge: Advanced

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