Accenture Digital Healthcare Hackathon

In collaboration with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
Barcelona| May 18th & 19th


Support our Doctors! Currently, on a melanoma’s first diagnostic, the AJCC-TNM classification is used to predict the mortality rate of patients. This classification is mainly based on: microscopic characteristics of the tumour; effects on loco-regional lymph nodes; and distant metastases (cancer spread to other organs of the body). Given this classification, based only on characteristics of melanoma, is not personalized for each patient, the participants have the challenge of helping the specialists by developing a model capable of accurately predicting the patient’s survival rate (risk of mortality) by adding new relevant characteristics of both the patient and the tumour to the system. This knowledge will enable higher precision in the selection of the diagnostic tests and the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

50 participants, 8 winners (two teams prized individually). More than 4000 euros in prizes. Go for it!



The Accenture Digital Healthcare Hackathon will take place in the Tuset Manhatan Space in Barcelona, on May 18th & 19th.

Find below the full schedule for the event:

Saturday, 18th May

09h00 – Welcome

09h15 – Breakfast

09h45 – Presentations

10h30 – Hackathon Begins*

13h30 – Lunch

        14h- 14h30 – Speaker

17h30 – Coffee Break

20h30 – Dinner

01h00 – End of Day 1

Sunday, 19th May

09h00 – Breakfast

10h00 – Last Analytics Submission

11h00 – End of Submissions*

12h00 – Use Case Presentations

13h00 – Jury Discussion - Round Table

13h30 – Prizes and Winner Announcements

14h00 – Lunch*

16h30 – Event Closure

Food and beverages will be served all day long.

*Special Events: Demos & Gadgets Showroom

In this section, formed by the demo experience room and infinity cube, participants will be able enjoy innovative demos and gadgets including: virtual reality, Smart Helmet, 3D printing, computer vision & other real use cases.

This Experience program will be available in the following time frames:

18th May: 17h30

19th May: 11h00 & 14h00

Selected participants will receive an e-mail with the logistic details for the competition.


Don’t forget to bring your own laptop to participate in the contest. You can use any hardware or any software to work on the challenge’s resolution.


You can enroll individually or in groups of up to 4 people. If you enroll individually we will take care of finding you a great team.


A mix of the following skills in the groups is highly encouraged:

  • Programming Languages: R, Python, Java, Javascript, HTML5, SQL, etc.
  • Visualization software: QlikView, Tableau, Spotfire, R Shiny, Power BI among others
  • Machine Learning and Survival Analysis Methods

Predisposition to have fun, meet people and have a good time!


The deadline to apply is April 29th. Hurry up, openings are limited, and they will be assigned by order of enrollment.


This is the 4th edition of the Accenture Digital hackathon?

Take a look and find out how much fun we had on previous ones.

“Lo sentimos, el plazo de inscripción ha finalizado. ¡Esperamos poder contar contigo en las próximas ocasiones!”


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