Vodafone: Enhancing enterprise mobility

Read how Accenture is helping Vodafone utilize innovative mobile apps to empower Vodafone employees.



Being a leader in mobility is a priority for Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile communications business with more than 400 million customers, and with operations in more than 30 countries and network partnerships in 50 more. Using innovative mobile apps to empower Vodafone employees to do more on the move is a key business goal that Accenture helped deliver in a ground-breaking project – the largest implementation to date of SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform.

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With EVO—Vodafone’s new global SAP ERP system—delivering advanced capabilities across finance, HR and supply chain, the company was keen to ensure that its employees could make use of the new system as easily as possible. While employees in their private lives are used to using their mobile devices to carry out a whole range of activities, accessing services and information on the move, a corporate environment makes it more challenging to deliver the same degree of mobility.

Vodafone decided that rolling out mobile applications was the best way to achieve that goal. They turned to Accenture to help develop and implement applications (apps) and the supporting architecture based on SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform that would deliver the speed, simplicity and trust that are the hallmarks of Vodafone’s approach to mobility


Vodafone asked Accenture to help turn its vision into reality. Working closely with SAP, Accenture helped created three new apps to deliver common HR processes directly from employees’ mobile devices:

  • The first, SAP Leave Request, enables employees to check their leave status, requires time off and coordinate timetables with colleagues.

  • The second, SAP Timesheet, offers employees the ability to record their hours on the move.

    Making it easy and simple to record hours improves compliance and accuracy and also provides management with more up to date and accurate information to analyse employee engagement and productivity.

  • The third app, SAP Travel Receipt Capture, makes the tedious and time consuming task of recording expense receipts simple and fast. Employees simply take a picture of a receipt with their smartphone camera and upload it to the ERP system for processing.

The apps, based on SAP pre-packaged apps, were modified by Accenture to meet Vodafone’s requirements and were rolled out for devices across a range of operating systems. To achieve this meant coordinating teams with a wide array of capabilities and skills, including development and testing, to ensure a native user experience for every device. When it came to managing the software lifecycle, Accenture ensured that user and enterprise needs were aligned by creating an internal app store for Vodafone employees to browse and download what they need, with all apps coming pre-populated with Vodafone-specific information.


Vodafone is leading the way in enterprise mobility. The integration of wireless apps with the company’s new, global ERP system, is the largest implementation to date of SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform. To ensure its success, Accenture coordinated onsite, nearshore and offshore teams with the requisite skills and availability for end-to-end project delivery. The results of the project are already evident. For example, one of the applications, SAP Travel Receipt Capture, has cut the time taken to file travel expenses by two thirds.

With 13,000 users already using the mobile apps, Vodafone has plans for larger future rollouts and extending mobility into finance and CRM.