MinStoraDag: Providing dream days for kids with help from Accenture and Salesforce.com

Creating “Big Days” for hundreds of critically ill children from Sweden


MinStoraDag arranges “Big Days” and group events for hundreds of critically ill Swedish children every year. By doing so, MinStoraDag boosts their morale, giving them something to look forward to in the midst of often grueling treatments.

The children participate as active partners with the organization, shaping their own unique activity or experience. One little girl, saw her dream of a “jungle room” at home come true. Another child travelled to London to see a West End musical. And one 14-year-old boy, with the help of MinStoraDag, met his soccer idol, Lionel Messi, in Barcelona.

Donations are the lifeblood of MinStoraDag, and the non-profit is funded wholly through private donations from foundations, companies and private citizens.

MinStoradag needed to:

  • Strengthen their stakeholder relationships

  • Increase the opportunity of executing marketing campaigns

  • Improve their reporting

These goals could be reached by implementing a market-leading CRM tool. As part of their cooperation with MinStoraDag, Accenture teamed with Salesforce.com to help MinStoraDag to reach their targets.


MinStoraDag works with a network of University Hospitals and children’s clinics. Referrals to the program come through the child’s primary physician.

Coordinating with their nominating physicians was done manually, using spreadsheets. The process was daunting. Tracking and managing donations also proved to be difficult.

The organization needed:

  • A customer relationship management (CRM) solution that could manage hospitals and their patient referrals, as well as donators and other stakeholders

    • To drive clarity in the critical area of donations, answering questions like:

    • Which individuals and companies donated?
    • When?
    • How much?
    • What were the most effective ways of attracting donations?
  • Comprehensive and accurate reporting to analyze large amounts of data

In addition, MinStoraDag wanted to strengthen its digital marketing capabilities. The former way of handling campaigns was time consuming and accomplished manually. The non-profit needed a tool to make efforts more efficient, and allow them to connect directly to donors and stakeholders.

Accenture has a track record of CSR with MinStoraDag, and we stepped up to handle the implementation of Salesforce.com to significantly improve the non-profit’s daily work and steer future strategic decisions.


Working closely with MinStoraDag and Salesforce.com, Accenture created a plan to roll out a CRM solution to meet the business needs at MinStoraDag.

The project included:

  • Requirements gathering

  • Design

  • Configuration

  • Test

  • Deployment

  • End-user training on the solution

The timeline for the implementation was aggressive: eight weeks.

Given Accenture’s depth of expertise and the close cooperation with end users at MinStoraDag, all backed by the technical expertise at Salesforce.com, the goal was readily reached.

Thanks to the joint efforts from MinStoraDag, Salesforce.com and Accenture, MinStoraDag has gained control over administering to recipients and managing the more than 2,000 donations received annually.

As a result, they can now:

  • Set goals

  • Segment and target donors

  • Track their 200 active volunteers to better match their individual capabilities with specific activities

  • Measure campaigns, and tweak them to drive up return on investment

  • Trace and monitor more than 500 activities

  • Collaborate and communicate via online messaging tools

And most importantly, thanks to more effective operations, more children in need will be able to realize their big days.