COVID-19: Supply chain scenario planning-as-a-service with SAP

Together with SAP we’ve built a pragmatic COVID-19 response leveraging SAP Integrated Business Planning

What to do for supply chains now

COVID-19 is a health and humanitarian crisis that presents a serious threat to people across the planet. Leaders worldwide are seeking to urgently act to keep ahead of this rapidly changing global pandemic, and assess the ensuing impact on their people, their customers, and their organizations.

For the supply chain function, the virtual lifeline to humanity, it’s critical to maintain operations during these events. Companies must develop COVID-19 response and take swift actions to stabilize and build a stronger and more resilient supply chain.

To help maintain supply chain resilience in uncertain times, Accenture and SAP have developed Scenario Planning-as-a-Service that uses SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Accenture services.

Supply chains are being disrupted on a global scale, creating a humanitarian and societal emergency.

Immediate response to your demand and supply chain challenges

We will set up SAP IBP with your data to:

Enable scenario planning

Scenario planning will help to evaluate the supply chain impact, supply options and financial implications.

Simulate demand shifts

Determine demand shifts based on product behavior and supply network capability. Understand financial impact.

Simulate the impact of production rate changes

Understand production rate changes on process manufacturing (e.g. shifts). Understand financial impact.

Simulate inventory positioning

Look to inventory positioning for stocking and non-stocking nodes within the network. Understand service levels impact.

Simulate transportation lane changes

Evaluate inventory and supply balancing options with global and local networks.

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Working together

Put Accenture and SAP to work. We’re helping companies act fast and use the power of supply chain scenario planning.

Companies that have SAP IBP

If you are using SAP IBP, we can provide a working model in SAP IBP in 2-4 weeks (depending on company size and complexity, and number of decision scenarios).

Companies that do not have SAP IBP

If you are using SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) or if you are not an SAP customer, we can provide a working model in SAP IBP in 4-6 weeks (depending on company size and complexity, and number of decision scenarios).

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A roadmap to navigate supply chain disruption with SAP IBP

Accenture SAP IBP practitioners can help to evaluate the scenarios most important to your company, provide templates for data upload, configure and model SAP IBP, execute the simulation scenarios, and provide training to your team. This can all be provided remotely.

SAP is providing access to their market-leading applications by provisioning an SAP IBP cloud for companies that do not currently have IBP. SAP will administer and support the cloud infrastructure to ensure high availability. Find out more about scenario planning in SAP IBP here or visit the SAP IBP YouTube channel.

Companies will be asked to confirm proposed decision scenarios and extract and provide the required data from legacy or SAP applications for Accenture to upload. Once armed with new information on your supply chain, you can analyze, review and execute the recommendations from simulations.

What we think

The COVID-19 pandemic requires businesses to protect their people and support their customers, partners and communities.

To minimize business disruption and protect employees, organizations must take steps now – starting within the next 24 hours – to start creating an Elastic Digital Workplace.

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