Introducing the Sydney Cyber Fusion Centre

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"Bringing together world-class threat intelligence, adversary simulations, incident response services and applied cybersecurity R&D teams, the Accenture Cyber Fusion Centre in Sydney helps you get miles ahead of even the most sophisticated attackers."

— MARK SAYER, Accenture AAPAC Cyber Defence Lead

Our unique immersive environment lets you experience firsthand how innovative and disruptive new approaches build business resilience, from the inside out. Here’s how we break it down, and it all adds up to services that provide unprecedented visibility:


…What threats are headed right for you and have plenty of time to take action.

  • iDefense: Arguably the most comprehensive collection of threat intelligence in the world.


…Your own worst enemy and emulate the bad guys’ best moves.

  • FusionX Adversary Simulations: Our own code-cracking hackers can show you exactly how attackers can get in and what it takes to build business resilience.


…How security operations will evolve.


FusionX Cyber Investigation and Forensics Response:

  • From triaging the incident to complete remediation, learn how we use an attacker’s mindset to thwart attacks.

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Find out what our Australian cyber defence experts have to say:

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Chase hackers not red herrings

Is alert fatigue your biggest cybersecurity threat? Here’s how analysts can identify threats that really matter – while avoiding fruitless repetition.

Know your enemy

Our APAC cyber defence lead Mark Sayer shares how you can boost your defences against cyber attackers with leading threat intelligence.

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