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Transforming the Field Force

How accenture can help companies improve service quality while reducing operating costs.


Companies today face many challenges in their pursuit of growth. For some organizations, one of the biggest challenges is building and maintaining a highly productive and efficient field force that provides high-quality customer service at a cost that doesn’t erode profitability. That’s why many companies are turning to Accenture for help in transforming their field force operations. In the past two decades, we have worked with some of the world’s most influential organizations on field force initiatives that have helped deliver a superior customer experience that fosters customer loyalty and satisfaction while reducing overall field force costs.

Accenture is invested in collaborating with clients to not only define strategy, processes and organizational change or implement technology, but also to operate clients’ field service operations, thus aligning our own objectives with clients’ operational efficiencies.

Why Accenture

Accenture can help transform companies’ field-based workforces by applying a unique array of capabilities and assets—including mobility-focused tools, operational diagnostics, organization and process design, systems integration and deployment, and outsourcing of scheduling, dispatch and third-party management.

Accenture also has the capabilities to enter into long-term, value-based deals with clients, so that we design, build and operate workforce solutions—providing a truly end-to-end service that aligns with our clients’ business objectives. Through this service, Accenture manages the full spectrum of field force operations, including the early definition of the field force transformation strategy and business case development, technology implementations that support technician scheduling, pre-dispatch quality checks, ticket triage, and business operations for technician support desks. Accenture also provides capabilities for long-term demand forecasting and resource planning. Our service is built on a robust analytical foundation—through which we develop insights on how to improve field force operations performance continually—and includes a vendor marketplace that can enable clients to optimize their blend of in-house and external labor.


To read the full report, download the PDF. [PDF, 941 KB]

Specific Services

Some of the services Accenture offers (and real-world examples of how we’ve helped clients):

Systems Integration and Application Outsourcing
We helped Portugal Telecom increase on-time technician arrival by 21 percent, drop mean repair time by up to 50 percent and increase technician productivity by 43 percent.

Operations Outsourcing
We helped a large South American telco reduce rework by 23 percent, reduce service backlogs by a 25 percent and increase field productivity by 10 percent.

Change Enablement
We helped a European telco increase field force productivity by 15 percent, decrease fuel consumption by 9 percent and slash paper consumption by 1.8 tons per month.