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Retail: Channel integration

Accenture is helping retailers deliver a seamless customer experience by integrating price, promotions, product assortment and inventory across channels.


Shopping today is no longer a question of “where” the customers are shopping, but “how” they are shopping. Whether customers are online, in stores, at a kiosk or on mobile devices, they want a personalized, seamless experience. And even when they are not shopping, they are evaluating retailers and products, looking at their friends’ shopping habits through social media or reading online reviews.

Regardless of the original touchpoint, customers expect their interaction with retailers to be uncomplicated and relevant. Accenture has identified six capabilities that are key to seamless retailing:

  • Consistent experience: Customers are able to enjoy an easy, brand-consistent shopping experience regardless of channel.

  • Connected shopping: The end-to-end shopping experience feels connected across channels.

  • Integrated merchandising: Product assortment, pricing and shopping occasion are integrated to meet customer expectations across channels.

  • Flexible fulfillment and returns: Enterprise-wide inventory visibility and fulfillment and return options made convenient for the customer.

  • Personalized interaction: Personalized customer promotions and loyalty rewards programs are connected across channels.

  • Better, faster and memorable experiences: Emerging capabilities and enriched services to improve the overall shopping experience.

According to Accenture research, close to 50 percent of consumers in North America, Europe and Latin America think that integrating stores, online and mobile is where retailers need to improve the shopping experience most.

Why Accenture

Accenture’s channel integration services help retailers deliver a seamless shopping experience for their customers. By transforming operations, platforms and partnerships across the enterprise, we support retailers to get the price, promotions and assortment right across brands and channels—leaving a trail that entices customers to make a purchase.

Through industry knowledge and deep understanding of emerging technologies, we help identify new business and technology trends, and deliver solutions that ultimately enable retailers to:

  • Improve operational performance across all channels by using data to identify the precise occasion when customers shift between channels—and ideally, to anticipate changes in individual purchasing trends.

  • Implement processes to coordinate and leverage multiple channels.

  • Integrate retail systems and supporting infrastructure versus online and mobile simply being add-on services that do not connect with the store or with each other.

  • Build a competitive advantage by quickly unlocking the value through powerful alliances with technology, data, analytics and process partners, as they are becoming just as important as merchandise vendor partnerships.

In addition, Accenture has built a Global Retail Industry Process Model that draws upon experience from thousands of projects to create value for our clients. The model accelerates the hidden process overlaps or gaps within a client’s business operations, identifies best practices within the organization, differentiates between core and noncore process essentials, and highlights actionable process improvement opportunities.