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The value of video: Powerful, persuasive, integral to our digital vision

Accenture is reimagining how we create, consume and share content.

Video is the new voice

Today, our people spend millions of minutes each month collaborating via video, and our Leadership has made global employee broadcasts the new normal.

The use of innovative broadcast and video technologies is pervasive across Accenture, driving relevant, face-to-face communication for all our digital workers. From webcasts to holograms, increasingly complex videos are produced, and tagged with rich metadata to enable their discovery by interested users. Coupled with the build-out of our internal studio network, it’s easier to engage, inform and support our people.

"At Accenture, video is the new voice…Persuasive, immersive and motivational in ways other communication tools cannot match."

Accenture Chief Information Officer

The power of video

CIO Andrew Wilson shows what it is like when an enterprise leverages the power of video in all its communications and operations.