Industry X.0 Zone in London UK&I


Introducing the Industry X.0 Zone

The London Industry X.0 Zone is here to inspire, educate and enable you to tackle your toughest, most complex industry challenges. In this space, we do more than talk about innovation. We innovate together. Everything is hands on, from rapid prototyping to showcases of the latest digital technologies and methods. It is outside of the box thinking and doing to solve real business problems.



We will challenge you to think differently and help you understand how to re-invent your business.


What is involved?

A tour is the first step for clients interested in finding out more about Accenture’s Industry X.0 capabilities. Tours last approximately 45-90 minutes and we will show you a selection of the most relevant demos related to your areas of interest from our global IX.0 Innovation Network.

What can I expect?

You should expect an explanation of the use cases for the demos, a high-level discussion focused on the relevance of the demos to you and examples of where Accenture has delivered similar projects. It is a highly interactive visit; active participation is encouraged!

Suggested workshops


A deep dive using specific and relevant assets and accelerators

Understand how you could leverage one of our solutions in your business

A facilitated ideation session

Create ideas to solve a specific business issue using business and technology experts

A one-day benefits/technology alignment workshop

Understand the business value, blockers and how to implement technologies

A two-day vision, roadmap and planning workshop

Obtain alignment with key stakeholders and create a clear plan for next steps

Tours can be combined with workshops to create a more immersive and bespoke experience.

Build an MVP


Agile teams run a design sprint, and create an MVP to explain and prove the value of an idea to secure buy in

Run a pilot


Test a solution in a live environment with a small subset of users and prove readiness for scaling

Invention and innovation at Scale


Following a successful pilot, or if scaling innovation is an issue we can use proven approaches to help you


Bringing the Industry X.0 Zone to life, our selection of practical assets and accelerators are used to demonstrate the art of the possible.

Agile Manufacturing

Preventing unexpected downtime by removing
silos of data, enabling data-driven decision making
and using dynamic scheduling to adapt to change.


The flexible, safe and affordable alternative to fixed line automation.

Connected Worker

Combining smart wearables, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce errors and rework.

Connected Mine

Combine Operational Technology and
Information Technology to manage industrial
mining operations more effectively.

Smart Package

Monitoring goods from Quality Inspection to their
final delivery location and providing a complete view of
how they have been handled.

Blockchain Certified Supply Chain

Improve supply chain visibility, reduce paperwork and digitize processes to make them faster, more cost effective and traceable.

Digital Plant

Insights-driven predictive maintenance to optimise machine performance and proactively reduce operational costs.

Connected Kitbag

Rapidly locate high value tools and monitor
tool performance whilst simplifying
inspection and calibration.


Use VR to simulate training environments
which are difficult to recreate and analyze
a controlled experience to reduce time to

Smart Product

Offer customers a hyper-personalised, smart, connected, living and learning product.

BMW iVisualiser

Leverage AR to revolutionise the shopping experience allowing customers to view and interact with a full-scale virtual version of their potential purchase.

Smart Trading Platform
for Bio-Resources

A platform enabling bio-resources to be treated
as a tradeable product, leveraging scio technology,
machine learning and smart contracts.

Task Execution Manager

Empowering production teams with integrated work
documents and the tools need to manage large scale
complex manufacturing environments.

Digital Turnaround

An end-to-end solution harnessing the power of digital technologies including industrial networking, location triangulation, cloud, analytics and mobile applications with patent-pending visualisation to execute turnarounds up to 25 percent below labour execution budget.

Field Services Procure to Pay

A Blockchain solution using a shared distributed ledger to track work orders across the entire lifecycle removing the need for manual processing and many of the key challenges inherently associated with this process.

Connected Asset
Management for OEMs

A solution to help companies move from selling products
to providing products with added value and "as-a-service"
business models, through the use of real-time data, and analysis
enabling them to optimise equipment operations, improve
customer satisfaction and manage field dispatch efficiently.

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Ben Salama

Ben Salama
Industry X.0 Lead UKI

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Yen-Sze Soon

Yen-Sze Soon
Industry X.0 Delivery Lead UKI

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Mark Walton-Hayfield

Mark Walton-Hayfield
Industry X.0 Innovation Lead UKI

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