Digital Finance: Technology driven finance and Enterprise Performance Management

Digital finance services help CFOs align finance and enterprise performance management.


In today’s digital world, finance must become more agile, forward looking and decision centric. Finance must become Digital.

The digitization of business is dramatically altering existing industries and creating new ones, amplifying business issues, shifting value propositions within and across industries, and changing the nature and conduct of business.

Digital technology has already transformed the customer and supplier relationship. Digital is now transforming how enterprises are structured, how they operate and how they manage and facilitate performance, including measuring, communicating, and acting on information to identify and help drive enterprise value creation.

For the office of the CFO, this means creating insights from the increasing volumes of data flowing across the enterprise. It means addressing stakeholders’ growing demand for access to the right information at the right time to make the right decisions - creating the need for agile information technologies and techniques. It also means crafting the strategic journey to support scalable enterprise growth in an increasingly volatile, disruptive and global world.

Through leading Enterprise Performance Management capabilities and practices enabled by emerging digital technologies, the CFO can use the power of Digital Finance to support its role as the guardian of the economic value agenda for the enterprise.

Why Accenture

Accenture Digital Finance helps the office of the CFO align its enterprise performance management capabilities with scalable finance technology to achieve the goal of creating and securing enterprise value.

We do this by helping them benefit from an enhanced understanding of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) practices, knowledge of enabling and emerging technologies, and leverage the scale of Accenture’s global resources and network of professionals.

Accenture Digital Finance helps clients uncover the opportunities created by an effective and efficient EPM function, assisting them in capturing greater value from their cash, capital and cost positions, optimizing reporting and analytics capabilities and integrating the planning and forecasting functions for real-time planning, including zero-based budgeting.

Accenture Digital Finance also aids the office of the CFO orchestrate their Finance Data and Finance Technology strategies to drive enterprise value creation.

Specific Services

Accenture Digital Finance helps clients align their Enterprise Performance Management capabilities with scalable, emerging digital finance technologies.

Services include:

  • Enterprise Performance Management Opportunity Assessment: assesses current practices and organization model to develop a strategy for performance management transformation

  • Portfolio Optimization: captures more economic value from the enterprise’s cash, capital and cost positions.

  • Reporting and Analytics Strategy: rationalizes management reporting, measuring and analysis, and strengthens decision making.

  • Integrated Planning and Forecasting: defines financial planning and flexible financial planning and analysis operating models for enhanced responsiveness.

  • Zero-based Budgeting: uses real-time planning, zero-based budgeting and cost-focused decision making to help the enterprise better invest its resources for growth.

  • Finance Data Strategy: integrates structured, unstructured, internal and external data to improve forecasting and reporting insights.

  • Finance Technology Strategy: articulates the value proposition and business case for the finance technology platform and operating model.

  • EPM Capabilities for Hyperion: more robust business analytics, enhanced end-to-end performance management capabilities, skills, and emerging digital technologies.