Can technology help make us happier?

Humainity open nnovation challenge

The HumAInity challenge is a Nordic AI innovation challenge by Accenture to help improve mental well-being.


Although the Nordic region is ranked high on the global happiness rankings, 12% of the population are still suffering from loneliness, while stress, anxiety and burnout are also on the rise. One of the biggest reasons is the increasing challenges placed on our mental well-being in today’s world, from work to home life.

Mental health conditions are on the rise

Mental health conditions have become a major challenge across the Nordics in recent years, manifesting itself as increased experiences of social exclusion, depression and other mental well-being challenges. And, many also suffer from loneliness and a lack of a close friend, which gets more critical with age.

How might technology help?

While digitalization and increased screen time are often seen as contributing to poor mental health, within Accenture we strongly believe that new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can also be part of solving mental well-being challenges.



That’s why we are launching the HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge to help tackle these issues together. So, if your idea or current innovation can help solve our key question: How can AI enhance and empower mental well-being? you or your team can win up to €20,000 to help develop or scale your idea, and help improve mental health.

How: Submit details about your idea here

Deadline: Entries are open till July 7th

What happens next: If your idea or innovation is selected as one of the eight finalists, you will be offered individual coaching from Accenture and invited to our Nordic Applied Intelligence Forum in Oslo on August 28 to pitch your final idea or innovation. Winners will be selected at that event by the jury. €20,000 is the total prize money that may be split between 1-3 teams or entries.



Here are just two examples of how AI can help support people and their mental well-being. Be sure to follow our social pages for more information and updates.

Memory Lane: An AI solution that helps tackle loneliness
Accenture and Stockholm Exergi worked together to create a groundbreaking project that uses Google Voice Assistant and conversational AI that enables people, particularly the elderly, to capture memorable life stories for future generations and also provide companionship. Find out more here.

Virtual Homecare: Helping senior citizens connect with community and family
Our Alexa Homecare platform uses voice and vision technologies to enable video calls, medicine and exercise reminders, reading material and event searches, and can alert loved ones to abnormalities in behaviour. It is helping physically or socially isolated senior citizens to feel more connected and stay independent at home. Find out more here.



  • The challenge is open for anyone inside or outside of the Nordics with an idea or innovation on how AI can enhance and empower mental well-being of people in the Nordics. Note: we can only offer transportation cost cover for the final event to people in the Nordic region

  • Last day to submit your idea is July 7th, 2019

  • Final event will be hosted in Oslo on August 28, 2019, where winners will be announced (finalists will be invited to pitch their solution during final event). The specific date will be announced in the near future

  • The prize money of €20,000 is intended to help scale up the idea or innovation as the winner(s) see fit, and will be divided by the winner(s). We expect there will be 1-3 winning teams/entries.

  • The award will be paid in EUR within 90 days of announcement of the winners to a bank account in the name of the winner. Where the winner is a team, the prize will be paid to the person responsible for submitting the entry (team lead).

  • Reporting and payment of all applicable taxes, duties, levies, fees, and/or surcharges, if any, arising out of, or resulting from, acceptance or use of a prize are the sole responsibility of the winner of the prize.

  • The winner shall provide promptly any information requested by the Organizers in connection with reporting or assessment required by tax or other authorities in connection with the prize.

  • Intellectual property rights will remain with the individual at all times – regardless whether your idea/innovation is selected to be pitched to the jury, or not.

Selection criteria

  • Potential to enhance Nordic mental health

  • Impact and scalability of idea or innovation

  • Novelty and uniqueness of idea

  • Impact of winning the challenge award

  • Use and application of AI technology in the solution


This is an open challenge. Please feel free to share your interest or invite others to join you via our links below—thank you. And good luck! #HumAInityChallenge