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Diversity, equity and inclusion in government

September 27, 2021


In brief

Cultural impacts of remote work


CAOs are unsure how remote work will impact efforts to create an inclusive workplace.


CAOs reported perceived inequity around remote work during the pandemic.

Steps to consider

Identify top areas of concern

Publicly share measurable objectives for systems, policies and culture.

Consider forming cross-agency workgroups and working with expert third parties.


Actively communicate visions, strategies and progress.

Consider a central messaging board.

Encourage two-way communication.

Measure and disseminate results

Consider clear objectives that hold leaders and teams accountable.

Track and report progress.


of CAO’s have developed a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.


of CAOs reported perceived inequity around remote work.

About the Authors

Kelly Rogers

Senior Manager – Public Service, North America

Bill Kilmartin

Former Comptroller – Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Jenny Brodie

Senior Manager – Health & Public Service, Research

Pam Goins

Executive Director – National Association of State Chief Administrators

Jamie Rodgers

Consultant – Public Service, North America

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