“Never a Dull Moment”

Since 2015, Marie Bodenhoff has worked with her colleagues throughout Accenture’s global network of experts to find innovative solutions for clients. For her, adapting to unexpected complications under tight deadlines helps hone her skills and adds value to her role as Senior Manager for Accenture’s H&PS practice in Denmark.

“There’s never a dull moment,” said Marie. “At Accenture, we think ahead when competing for public projects due to European public procurement laws. Our first priority is to create valuable and enduring relationships with our clients, which assures them that we understand their challenges and will design pragmatic and sustainable solutions using practical vantage point.”

Raised on the Jutland Peninsula, Marie’s insatiable curiosities and passions for community and civic public service were inspired by her father. She witnessed his dedication to volunteerism to international organizations providing emergency aid to countries in crisis and occasionally accompanied him on missions to Mozambique and in his native country of Brazil. Marie embraced her emerging dichotomy between global citizenship and adherence to structure, pragmatic decision-making and planning her professional career track by using practical tools.

After obtaining both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business economics and administration from Copenhagen Business School, Marie tried to find opportunities in which she could occupy professional space with like-minded colleagues, dedicated to structure and a high-level professional performance.

For six years, Marie worked as a senior advisor of public procurement for an interest organization. In this role, she helped the regions optimize their procurement processes. Additionally, she helped strengthen relationships between for-profit businesses and health care agencies.

Though her work was rewarding, it wasn’t until Marie and a colleague hired Accenture that she discovered the possibility of working with company whose corporate culture aligned with her principles of structure, teamwork and leading with excellence, confidence and humility.

“I didn’t consider myself as a consultant because it didn’t appear to be dynamic or as impactful for the greater good,” said Marie. “Accenture hosted a gathering for organizations involved in policy and public procurement. I was so impressed by their subject matter expertise. Since joining Accenture, I’ve been thrilled by the nexus between my entrepreneurial spirit and the constant benefits derived from working as a team.”

She and her team have recently been working with a client to assist in defining the right business needs and requirements for a new public tax debt collection system. Collaborating with multiple vendors as co-creators within agile IT departments has proven effective and delivery times have been met.

Marie also hosts workshops for clients seeking to improve their company culture. She introduces them to measurable design solutions that help keep employees motivated. The impression Accenture’s consultants had on her as a client left an indelible mark on her. Marie witnessed their command of industry knowledge and its trends and how it was delivered in a way that demonstrated that this company has integrity.

“I am most proud of Accenture’s adherence to integrity and that my colleagues are equally dedicated,” said Marie. “Our clients know that Accenture’s employees are its most distinguished assets. They want to replicate Accenture’s employee investment models because they see that it works.”

Traveling the world with her father and volunteering to help those in needs when she was a youth continues to drive her personal and professional passion to find ways to make a positive impact on people and communities. Marie participates as a career counselor within Accenture and volunteers in design thinking workshops with public school students. She derives the mutual benefits of staying involved with her community and finding new ways to identify new and creative solutions –which keeps her motivated.

In her spare time, she engages in different restorative practices, ranging from yoga, mindfulness and running. Her favorite? Marie and her husband often take a dip into the nearby Baltic Sea, then take shelter in the warmth of a sauna while watching the sun rise.

Our clients know that Accenture’s employees are its most distinguished assets. They want to replicate our employee investment models because they see it works.

Marie Bodenhoff

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Denmark


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