Finding new paths to growth in the disrupted communications landscape

The rules of competition have changed. New platform entrants, emerging technologies and shifting customer priorities have put intense pressure on the communications market. The Communication Service Providers (CSPs) that defy convention and move fast will find opportunities. The CSPs that adhere to the status quo will find challenges.

Success will only come by understanding and responding to the new rules of competition in the industry.

Pick your play

We’ve identified five unique approaches, or value plays, along the core, platform, and infrastructure-based continuum, that can guide CSPs through their strategic transformation to grow and lead. A liquid, or non-linear strategy, that will enable CSPs to operate in multiple value plays simultaneously while reusing common capabilities.

Connected Consumer Platform

Increase reach & engagement by becoming part of your customers’ digital lives – all curated by the CSP ecosystem. Learn more.

SMB Activator

Become the trusted growth partner for SMBs, with tailored white labelling services designed for ease and simplicity. Learn more.

X-Industry Orchestrator

Power the next connected industries revolution through the mesh of 5G, cloud and edge computing. Learn more.

Connectivity Optimizer

Become leaner in your operations by embracing new technologies and ways of working to unlock capital and invest in growth. Learn more.

Structural Separator

Improve efficiency by separating into two businesses: a network operator and a service-oriented organization. Learn more.

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The foundations of success

The landscape is being dramatically altered by three overarching shifts.

Andrew Walker

Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, Global

April Wirtz

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media – North America

Astha Bhardwaj

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, ASIAM

Brian Smyth

Director – Communications & Media, Innovation


Active network sharing to boost the 5G rollout
Remote working insights and opportunities
Box out commoditization with a platform position

Business model re-invention

CSPs need to go beyond connectivity; they need to encompass digital and IT services to reignite growth by preparing for 5G, cloud and edge technology advancements. Only then can CSPs take pole position in powering the next connected industrial revolution, including $700bn in 5G services for B2B. And only then can they expand into Industrial IoT for digital manufacturing, smart cities/buildings and beyond.

In addition, CSPs can propel growth with partnerships and by building differentiated solutions. They can also adopt user-centric and data-driven open platform architectures to onboard ecosystem services to great effect.

Customer re-imagination

During the pandemic, connectivity demand soared to mission-critical status. And for many people, working from home will be the new normal with an anticipated 50% broadband households globally will be smart households. What’s more, industries such as telehealth have continued to gain momentum.

CSPs are now vital to the consumer’s digital routine. They must build on their well-earned trust and in-home presence to expand their digital services. They can also drive recovery as trusted partners for business delivery, governments and overall digital service delivery.

Technology re-evolution

CSPs are the backbone of the rapid evolution of 5G, cloud and edge. But how can CSPs best reap the benefits? By stepping out of the role of a delivery system and becoming an enabler.

CSPs should move from a hardware-centric universe and towards software-defined networking and IT (realizing a 40 percent savings in Capex by moving to virtualized, cloud-based architectures). Investments in edge platforms with key software functionalities can enable high-value IoT. CSPs can also use AI for more than automation, harnessing its potential for co-creation between people and machines.

Reset. Reinvent. Rebound.

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In comes opportunity, but the window is closing…

Accenture can help you on this journey. With our deep knowledge of your business, pre-built, industry-specific solutions, and powerful ecosystem relationships, we can help identify the right priorities and build the capabilities required to successfully define and execute your future growth strategy.

The time to transform is now.

Reset with brilliant basics

Find the strategy and the vision to build forward. Salvage and repurpose Capex and Opex towards R&D and new offerings.

Reinvent with future foundations

Develop new approaches that add value to the business in everything from customer onboarding, to internal operations, to finding the best partners.

Rebound with industry innovations

Go far beyond a connectivity service and infrastructure. Become the orchestrator of a range of services and offerings that grow new core capabilities.

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