Unlocking digital value to society in Denmark

A case study under the Digital Transformation Initiative

The citizens and the society will become the biggest winners if digitalization is utilized fully within five selected sectors. But also companies can benefit, shows new research from Accenture and World Economic Forum.

In Denmark, the total value-at-stake can be up to DKK 87 BN in 2025 digitalization is implemented fully in five areas, which is seen as having a particular potential. And we are only calculating the impact from technologies which are already known today.

Of the DKK 87 BN more than 54 BN will benefit the citizens and the society, while companies will be able to achieve 33 BN. This effect of increased digitalization is called "Value-at-stake". It can be described as a "welfare bonus" for the society as a whole because the analysis is operating with a broader perception of "welfare" than the traditional GDP and also includes the benefits of more spare time, increased life expectancy, less environmental impact, fewer trafic accidents etc.

The analysis is one of the most comprehensive and its international results were presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos recently. Now the Danish figures have been analysed in depth, and the conclusions will be used as input and decision platform for the Digital Growth Panel, set up by the government to provide recommendations for an overall strategy for Denmark's digital growth.

Accenture is analysing selected initiatives in five areas where the potential is considered to be particularly high:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. E-commerce (B2C and B2B)
  3. Connected mobile services
  4. Healthcare
  5. Electricity: Smart Grid

"We must acknowledge that when we talk about digitization of society, it often happens with a certain amount of insecurity, because no-one so far has been working really in-depth with the numbers, and many people perceive digitalization as a potential threat to jobs, public service, etc., "Says Managing Director Christian Gabe, responsible for Accenture's analysis of digital potential in Denmark.

"That is precisely why we have worked so focussed on thoroughly mapping the potential. And I think it is striking that it are actually the citizens and the society that get the biggest gains - which also include saving time and money, fewer sick days, lower health costs etc. The result tells me that it is imperative that companies, citizens and politicians realy try to understand the digital possibilities," says Christan Gabe.

In the report, Accenture points to a number of examples of successful digitization.