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Selling High-Tech in the
Age of Distraction

Outcome selling cuts through the noise of distraction, zeroing in on the insights and actions that drive results.


Sales productivity in high-tech is in decline. Giving reps more sales tools, more disconnected data and more time to sell isn’t solving anything. In fact, it’s just adding to the distraction and inefficiencies that get in the way of sales effectiveness.

So what’s the answer?

It’s all about focus. And that’s what outcome selling provides – giving CSOs the relevant, actionable insights they need to shape their sellers’ behaviors and deliver the experiences their customers demand. Get things into focus now by reading this new Accenture report “Selling In the Age of Distraction”.


High-tech sales reps struggle with surging volumes of data. Huge investments in sales tools aren’t helping them:

55% think their company's sales tools are an obstacle, not a facilitator...

• …59% say they have too many sales tools.

So many tools and disconnected customer insights are a distraction:

• Distraction has reduced sellers’ performance by 14%...AND….

• Sales productivity continues to decline – from 41% to 36% in just 5 years.

It’s a complex selling environment with a growing expectation gap:

75% recognize they need to improve the accuracy of their business forecasts

60% say they need to fine-tune their assessments of marketing-generated leads

57% know they must get better at closing deals in forecast time frames.

Distraction is damaging talent readiness…

58% can’t identify the sales reps who need extra training

41% know they need to get better at hiring reps who succeed

56% need to improve training for social media selling; almost 20% say it needs a major re-design.

…contributing to high sales rep attrition...

1/4 of the sales force turns over each year (5% increase since 2015)

15% of territories and customers left uncovered due to sales talent attrition and 6-12 months learning “ramp-up” time

…and driving customer defection

64% of customers globally switched provider last year due to poor customer service.

Cost? $6.3 trillion

It’s time to pivot your sales efforts from productivity to outcomes. 

What’s needed?

  1. Laser focus on outcomes
  2. Connected insights driving actions at the frontline
  3. Sales operating model that translates predictive insights into winning actions

Outcome selling cuts through the noise of distraction, zeroing in on the insights and actions that drive results.

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