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The next great health innovation

What role will start-ups play

Recently, Accenture introduced the HealthTech Innovation Challenge to bring together leading-edge startups with prominent life sciences and health companies to tackle some of the world’s greatest health challenges including access, affordability and transparency.

Startups from around the globe are invited to compete to bring innovative technology and creative solutions forward to improve the way people access and manage healthcare. Selected finalists will present to an exclusive panel of judges, comprised of senior executives from globally recognized life sciences and health companies, gaining exposure and access to these industry-leading companies to bring their ideas to market.

To enter the competition, interested companies must have solutions or products in place that fit within one of the following four categories:

  1. Help ME have easier access to healthcare where applicants address how the underserved or remote populations can be better supported in their health and lifestyle needs.

  2. Help ME get better faster where applicants address how services can be provided to support care plan adherence and improved outcomes; how real world evidence and/or non-traditional data streams can be used to improve patient outcomes.

  3. Help ME better manage my health where applicants address how consumers (patients, caregivers or families) can get the right health information and services at the right time; how people’s lifestyle needs be better understood to optimize care.

  4. Help keep MY information private and secure where applicants address how the privacy and security of a person’s health and lifestyle information can be improved while enabling information sharing and improved care.

Two initial pitching sessions will take place in London on November 25, 2016, and New York on December 1, 2016. Selected startups will be invited to pitch to an exclusive panel of judges that includes senior executives from AmerisourceBergen, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Novartis, UCB and more. The established health and life sciences companies involved in the program will gain exposure to fully vetted, cutting-edge technologies as they evolve and potentially disrupt the healthcare industry.

The final judging round will take place at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference on Monday, January 9, 2017. Accenture is the lead Innovation Partner of the festival which brings together over 1,000 of the world’s leading healthcare innovators and investors. The top entrants in each category will gain exposure and access to leading companies in their target market or therapeutic area. They will also be offered the opportunity to participate in StartUp Health’s Launchpad program.

Startup businesses can apply now until October 21, 2016.