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A Fintech playbook for America’s banks

Strong innovation and collaboration strategies can enable banks to thrive in a digital world.

Banks are currently riding a wave of innovation that may lift some and cause others to crash. Technology is altering the traditional banking model, changing relationships with customers and placing a new premium on collecting, securing and understanding data. New competitors—Fintechs and digital disrupters—are rushing into the space to seize the opportunities of a changing market. Banks can easily be overwhelmed and not know where to start.

Accenture and the American Bankers Association partnered to create a playbook, to introduce new technologies to bankers and help them create a strategy for leveraging innovation for future success. This playbook provides bank executives a user-friendly and practical approach to driving financial technology innovation.

To find out more about how financial services associations can partner with Accenture to create tailored research reports for their industry, contact the Accenture executives below.


"If banks act to leverage tech innovation, the potential gain is staggering, with an estimated uplift in operating income of $20 billion by 2020."

Mike Abbott

Mike Abbott

North America Financial Services Lead
Accenture Digital

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Jim Burroughs

Jim Burroughs

Banking Practice
North America

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