Robert Stembridge

Managing Director Technology
& Application Services Lead for
Financial Services, Nordic

Joined Accenture in: 1997

About Robert:
Robert has been part of Accenture’s technology and outsourcing practice since 1997, initially joining the UK practice. He has extensive project and program leadership expertise in all phases of the delivery life-cycle across multiple industries including insurance, banking, telecoms, retail manufacturing and high-tech. Robert has led numerous teams across Europe. He moved to Copenhagen in 2009 and in 2015, he assumed the position of Accenture’s Technology lead in Denmark. Robert is also responsible for Financial Services delivery in the Nordics.

What’s on the horizon:
We see a continued strong drive for innovation and emerging technologies across all platforms that our technology services span. The demand for solution-specific expertise and skills is increasing. For some time now, there is growing focus on Cloud, with continuous development of new Software-as-a-Service concepts and solutions. The delivery models for system integration and IT-outsourcing continue to evolve, and there is a general increase in the demand for highly cost efficient delivery setups. Accenture’s unique combination of strong local presence, coupled with global reach and a significant off-shore capacity provide our clients with a strong delivery capability.

Robert Stembridge

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