Olga Nissen

Managing Director Accenture Strategy

Joined Accenture in: 1996

About Olga:
Olga joined Accenture in 1996 after graduating from Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia. In 2000, she joined McKinsey’s Copenhagen office and became partner in 2010. In 2016, she re-joined Accenture as leader of Accenture Strategy Denmark. Olga has served clients across several industries and geographies on technology-enabled, strategic topics.

What’s on the horizon:
We are in the middle of a technology revolution that is transforming business, society and culture at unprecedented speed and with unseen impact. Twenty-five percent of world’s economy will be digital by 2020: a raise from 15 percent in 2005. The "born digital" generation set expectations of service, speed and personalization at the level companies have hard time to meet without changing its business models. While many organizations understand the magnitude of the task at hand, few have figured out the “how” part. Digital is inevitably transforming the way strategy consultants work with their clients. It is no longer about delivering a thick power point presentation to the board after weeks of number crunching in Excel—it becomes more necessary to partner with your clients on a digital journey with concrete data-driven and analytics-empowered digital solutions to yield faster value realization. It is much more exciting and rewarding to be a strategy consultant nowadays!

Olga Nissen

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