Kim Bech

Managing Director for Accenture Digital Denmark

Joined Accenture in: 1997

About Kim:
Kim is the Managing Director for Accenture Digital Denmark. He has extensive experience in delivering digital transformation to global companies in Denmark and Europe since year 2000. His experience span from digital strategy, business case, customer experience, implementation of complex digital transformation, to delivery of digital managed services. The digital transformations have been within both business-to-consumer and business-to-business, delivering omni-channel customer experience. The digital transformations have been delivered to clients in several different industry groups, such as consumer goods, pharmaceutical, freight and logistics, industrial equipment, high-tech and utility.

What’s on the horizon:
It is said, that within five years, only 10 percent of the Fortune 100 will still be in existence. This is largely due to the disruptive changes brought by digital. The disruption is realized when innovative digital business models change the world we live in and affect our everyday, which is already highly evident. For instance, Netflix has changed the way we watch TV—and Mobile Pay has changed our approach to transacting payments.

Kim Bech

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