Heidi Hammerlund Jørgensen

Country Human Resources Lead

Joined Accenture in: 2012

About Heidi:
As Country HR Lead in Denmark, Heidi oversees talent acquisition, the talent supply chain, employee life cycle, local- and Nordic business partnering, human capital and diversity. Heidi has a solid business background, and prior to joining Accenture she worked for Oracle, both in the business delivery process, and later on within human resources. Her dual background lays a dense basis for delivering relevant HR-advisory and high quality services to cultivate the growth of the five different unique business units, while remaining one strong Accenture spirit.

What’s on the horizon?
It is vital to transform talent and foster leadership to reinvent the employee experience by being the best place for the most specialized people in today's fast-paced, digital environment. Our focus is to grow Accenture by growing our people—the best talent in the market—while at the same time continue to build on our current strengths. It is critical that we cultivate a strengths-based culture, driving aspirations and intrinsic motivation, while celebrating performance and appreciating strong collaboration and individual achievements in a diverse and inclusive work place.

Heidi Hammerlund Jørgensen