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Claus Wilkki

Nordic Marketing & Communications Director

Joined Accenture in: 2004

About Claus:
As Accenture’s Nordic Marketing and Communications director, Claus leads an integrated team of passionate and diverse professionals across Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden. He and his team are on point to create and lead an engaging and meaningful experience for Accenture’s clients, job candidates, employees and influencers.

What’s on the horizon:
The future of marketing and communications is transforming at an incredible pace, as accelerating technologies and “everything digital” has profound impact on how companies engage with customers. Marketing executives have a chance to step up and play a larger part in the digital transformation. Leading marketers recognize that broad approaches and branded content have lost their shine and are on a challenging path toward customized journeys. They are moving to creating meaningful “micro moments” in increasingly complex ecosystems of target audiences, channels and platforms. As critical as personalized experiences are to win customers, however, delivering them can be immensely challenging. Marketing operating models must become digital to the core, powered by agile technologies and digitally and analytically talented professionals to drive transformation and harness innovation. This will enable companies to act on real-time customer analytics and sentiment, and provide truly personalized customer experiences.

Claus Wilkki