Christian Max Hansen

Country Manager, Health & Public Services Industry

Joined Accenture in: 2013

About Christian:
Christian Max joined Accenture in 2013 with focus on expanding Accenture’s footprint in the Danish Health & Public Service industry (H&PS). He has a background in management consulting and system integration with +20 years of experience in delivering value to both global and local companies, ministries and public institutions. Prior to Accenture, Christian Max has held senior management positions in global consulting companies, working with constant focus on business development and client delivery, driving a visionary and innovative agenda.

What’s on the horizon:
Today the H&PS practice has gained strong momentum after several years of significant growth. The digitalization of the Danish health- and public sector is intensifying and the disruption of traditional business models is transforming the way public institutions are organised and the way they will need to deliver their services to citizens and companies in coming years. Disruptions affect everything – from how public leaders act and behave, how administration is governed and executed, to what competencies civil servants require in order to be efficient in delivering on the digital agenda. We see both international, as well as EU-trends, affecting local public administration and it is clear that the previous methods of complex and legislative micromanagement are clashing with the need to deliver easy-to-understand and easy-to-use solutions. 

These are exciting times for public institutions. The world is becoming smaller and the Internet of Things, Cognitive Computing and growing international collaboration and coordination makes the public sector a dynamic and challenging place to work.

Christian Max Hansen

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