Carsten Dan Jensen

Managing Director, Resources Denmark

Joined Accenture in: 1997

About Carsten:
Carsten joined Accenture in 1997. He has a track record of successfully leading large transformation change programs for leading clients in Energy and Manufacturing industries, with primary focus on helping clients to address key challenges in operating model design, process effectiveness and technology enablement.

What’s on the horizon:
Disruption is prevailing across the energy value chain, fuelled by low energy prices, conversion to clean energy sources and increasingly demanding energy consumers. Oil and Gas Operators are looking for game changers to operate aging assets safely with significantly lower cost, and Wind Power Operators are faced with demand to dramatically reduce the cost of electricity. To succeed, industries need to exploit digital technologies to be able to predict equipment failures, translate sensor data to real-time-insights and manage surveillance and control operations remotely. In order to optimize utilization of energy and water resources, investments will be required in intelligent networks and production optimization solutions available through advanced analytics. Energy Retailers are facing fierce competition, which leads to market consolidation. Therefore, Utilities must focus relentlessly on developing new value propositions and deliver customer experience on the consumers’ platform of choice, while at the same time simplify and automate operations to reduce costs.

Carsten Dan Jensen

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