Bent Dalager

Financial Services Nordic CSG Lead



Bent Joined Accenture in 1991 and has during the past 20 years been working with large financial service (FS) companies. He leads the FS practice in the Nordics and in Denmark and is part of the EALA (Europe, Africa, Latin America) management board. Bent also heads FS EALA’s Robotics/AI practice and is a C-level advisor to clients. Bent founded, and is leading the FutureTech group that is working with cutting-edge technology within robotics as well as Fintechs. Bent has been a speaker at a number of conferences within Digital, Robotics/Cognitive computing, CRM and outsourcing/offshoring. In addition, Bent is the lead for Accenture’s Corporate Citizenship program, and is a board member of Save the Children Denmark.

What’s on the horizon

We are far from being through digitalization of the FS industry, but we are already seeing the march of the machines. As we speak, we are conducting a large number of projects within Robotics across the Nordics. There are a number of banks and later insurance companies that will move into use of more advanced artificial intelligence like robo-advisors and virtual agents. The use of blockchain concepts and technology will impact the ecosystem in the mid- to long-term view, and a number of middle-men activities will disappear since "we don't need people to hold the horse anymore"—also due to regulation. We see the new payment regulative PSD2 that will force the banks to open accounts and transaction information to every third-party with consent from the account holder. This enables new aggregators—metabanks—to enter the scene. Also the GAFAAs (such as Google and Amazon, for instance) are cutting deep into the transaction part of banking, while internet of things (IoT) are removing some transactions completely. It is built into the device, handled autonomously and insurance is a part of that on all objects going forward. Clearly, it is an exciting time to be in FS and I believe we have never seen the same speed of change ever. It will not be the survival of the strongest but the survival of the fittest to change—for both our clients and ourselves.

Articles by Bent

Becoming digital to the core—The future for Nordic banks

Published 30. May 2014, by Bent Dalager

Some banks in the Nordic countries have embraced digital in their front-offices to serve customers faster and more effectively at lower cost.

Blockchain technology in banking, are you ready?

Published 17 March 2016 by, Bent Dalager

Nordic banks are hesitating to invest in blockchain technology in spite of great business potential. Banks who invest in blockchain technology will have clear advantages and better capabilities for competing in the age of digital.