Accenture Danish government at the national, regional and municipal levels

Accenture helps the Danish government at the national, regional and municipal levels with the purchase of scanning solutions and digitalisation services and products.

Purchasing products and services within scanning solutions and digitalisation of archives, e.g. building project archives and case archives, can be a complicated matter. The market is complex and offers a wide range of solutions and options.

During the purchasing process, it is important to have knowledge and insight about the market in which coming suppliers operate.

Accenture can help to ensure the purchase of the correct services and products to meet the organisation's needs, without compromising on price, quality or dependability. It’s about finding a balance where the supplier requirements are carefully tailored to the internal organisational needs. Another factor in these processes is the approach to negotiating and establishing contracts, implementation and the subsequent use of the contracts.

Accenture has experience with the purchase and implementation of scanning solutions and digitalisation products and services from a range of customers in the Nordic countries. We have deep insight into the relevant technologies on the market, implementation of these technologies in organisations, and organisational needs and demands for new systems.

Accenture can offer consultancy in connection with the purchase of scanning solution and digitalisation products:

  • and clarification of needs and requirements in the organisation

  • Insight into market conditions and technological solutions

  • Tender processes and selection of suppliers

  • Support with implementation of desired solutions

After entering into a contract, it is important that all of the involved authorities and administrative units utilise the contract. Clear guidelines and simple ordering procedures are necessary to ensuring success in this regard. Accenture’s experience from innumerable projects can ensure an optimum process for the specific customer, specific purchase or large-scale procurement.

Out of Accenture’s global organisation of nearly 180,000 employees, more than 2,000 of these people work exclusively with managing purchases for our customers. Additionally, more than 1,000 consultants work with consultancy on purchases and implementation of large and small procurement projects.

When we carry out tender projects, we utilise a standardised approach based on vast experience and the use of methodical tools. Our approach comprises the following seven steps:

  • Identification of requirements and possibilities

  • Preparation of category profile

  • Development of sourcing strategy

  • Screening and assessment of suppliers

  • Execution of tender/auction

  • Negotiation of contracts

  • Implementation of contracts

Our strong background in IT means that we have knowledge of the technical solutions to make purchasing work easier and to help achieve savings through processes such as e-auctions. Our customers include the Danish government at the national, regional and municipal levels, as well as private companies, where we provide consultancy on all aspects of the procurement process.

For more information, please contact Simon Kaiser, head of Accenture’s consultancy services in the public sector: