Accenture helps all level of Danish government and private companies

Accenture helps all levels of the Danish government and private companies with purchasing.

It is important to have access to the correct services and products when they are needed. The purchasing function’s task is to help ensure this access without compromising on price, quality or security of supply. At Accenture, we know that purchasing is not simple and that the potential for savings, improved quality and increased security of supply is significant if the task is approached correctly. It’s about finding a balance where the supplier requirements are carefully tailored to meet the customer’s internal organisational needs. Another factor in these processes is the approach to negotiating and establishing contracts, as well as implementation and subsequent utilisation of the contracts.

In our experience, there is often a delicate balance between creating flexibility for users and achieving economies of scale, such as those provided by standardising contracts and reducing the number of suppliers. None of these aspects may become too dominating in the process; by working with a consultant with extensive practical experience in this field, new opportunities can be identified while avoiding common pitfalls.

After entering into a contract, it is important that all of the involved authorities and administrative units utilise the contract to the greatest possible degree. This requires clear guidelines and simple ordering procedures – thus, this is vital part of implementing new contracts and supplier relations. Accenture’s experience from innumerable projects can ensure an optimum process for the specific customer and specific purchase or large-scale procurement.

Out of Accenture’s global organisation of more than 177,000 employees, more than 2,000 of these people work exclusively with managing purchases for our customers. Additionally, more than 1,000 consultants work with consultancy on purchases and implementation of large and small procurement projects.

When we carry out tender projects, we follow a standardised approach based on vast experience and the use of carefully developed methods. Our approach comprises the following seven steps:

  1. Identify requirements and possibilities
  2. Prepare category profile
  3. Develop sourcing strategy
  4. Screen and assess suppliers
  5. Execute tender/auction
  6. Negotiate contracts
  7. Implement contracts

Our strong background in IT means that we also have knowledge of the technical solutions to make purchasing work easier and to help achieve savings through processes such as e-auctions. Our customers include the Danish government at the national, regional and municipal levels, as well as private companies, where we provide consultancy on all aspects of the procurement process.

For more information, please contact Simon Kaiser, head of Accenture’s consultancy services in the public sector, on telephone +45 2528 8272 or via e-mail Simon Kaiser.