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Fueling the growth agenda


The next frontier of value creation will increasingly be built on ecosystems: a digitally-driven world where firm boundaries are blurred, multi-organization collaboration is the norm, data and analytics are the new currency, and customer outcomes are paramount.

For CFOs, balancing the spectrum of traditional and ecosystem-based business models will not only be game-changing, but also bring unprecedented challenges and opportunities. As industries and organizations begin to shift to more ecosystem-driven environments, the CFO growth agenda will need to pivot from firm-specific operations to ecosystem-wide operations, as well as from balancing customer value to maximizing ecosystem value. Throughout this evolution, CFOs will continue to reinvent firm-wide capabilities, build new collaborations and revenue models, deploy cutting edge machine learning and analytics, and cultivate human capital that can thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

At the 2018 Summit, participants will learn about and share ideas on the changing role of the CFO. In particular, the Summit will look at the challenges and opportunities via:

  • How is value created, measured, and shared across organizations and customers in traditional and ecosystem-based business models? And how can a firm optimize its current business model while transitioning to an ecosystem-based business model?

  • What will the role of the CFO look like in an ecosystem-based world? And how can the CFO and finance team work across the C-Suite to mobilize for multi-modal agility?

  • What digital platforms, machines, and data and analytics are required to operate within an ecosystem? And how can analytics help the CFO to not only understand, but also predict ecosystem-wide demand?

  • How will human capital need to adjust to a spectrum of traditional and ecosystem-based strategy? What new capabilities are required? And how can organizational culture foster the creativity and agility needed in a digital world?