Call for change

The Accenture and Intel Partnership has been accelerating positive change for our clients since 2014.

With a focus on growth and transformation, we co-innovate and align capabilities to deliver ideal client outcomes for diverse companies across industries.

With unrivaled market and industry insights, Accenture enriches its offers with the latest Intel technology and evaluates real-life scenarios to understand how and where this technology will benefit clients. Intel, known for its research and development resources and technology innovation, offers Accenture and its clients early access to new technology.

Together we help clients integrate their software, hardware and cloud applications.

The Accenture and Intel Partnership has been accelerating positive change for our clients since 2014.

When tech meets human ingenuity

The Accenture and Intel Partnership does more than optimize technologies to deliver high-value outcomes. We provide the right people with the right expertise to drive and accelerate transformation. Clients have direct access to Accenture’s industry experts and Intel’s engineering talent—a peerless pairing supported by robust co-investments.

Our clients benefit from the best of new technologies, built on the foundation of our joint expertise and future vision. We enable co-innovation, particularly in six priority areas: Analytics and AI; Multicloud; Digital Workplace; Network; Blockchain; and Edge/IoT.

A valuable difference

Co-innovation is the cornerstone of the Accenture and Intel Partnership. Year after year, we build on the best of both companies to jointly innovate and invest in solutions that transform client organizations—and tailor benefits for our clients, including:

  • Deep technology insight
  • Proven architectural guidance
  • Access to early innovation
  • Lower price-performance ratio

Creating value across offerings is our strength, and our collaboration continues to grow. Today, we’re expanding the reach of our winning strategic partnership into the multicloud space, network transformation, and analytics/AI portfolio offerings.

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