Oil and gas refineries are among the world’s most dangerous working environments. Heavy and complex equipment, flammable and toxic chemicals, and highly pressurized gases are just some of the threats refinery workers face every day.

The client—an oil and gas supermajor—recognized that working conditions at one of its downstream refineries carried serious implications for worker safety, workforce productivity and job performance quality. At any given time, thousands of workers and contractors are onsite and have access to the facility, and their actual numbers can fluctuate greatly from day to day.

Together with Accenture’s Industry X.0, the client set out to develop a “Digital Watchman” solution that improves the tracking and management of the refinery’s workforce and takes operational excellence to the next level.

Strategy and Solution

Accenture’s Industry X.0 helped design a “Digital Watchman” solution on an intuitive cloud-hosted platform, with the intent of improving safety and security, providing a foundation for future digital transformation and unlocking additional value.

Core elements

The solution includes RFID tags for personnel tracking, an industrial WIFI network and ATEX compliant Exciters to push updated configurations.

Key collaboration

Close collaboration ensured the infrastructure, mobility software and devices were appropriate, configurable and compatible with varied data sources.

Future value

The team developed more than 50 use cases, and the technology could help reduce cost leakage and assess field experience, competency and supervision.

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Accenture helped transform client responsiveness, enabling mustering within 60 minutes of an event. During a site-wide alarm, the client used the platform to determine the location of 4,500 workers in just 60 seconds. Further benefits include:

14 TO JUST 5

The solution cuts contractor onboarding to five days. It also eliminates onboarding challenges and risks through online access requests and approvals and by storing information securely in the cloud.


The refinery can identify which contractors are onsite from over 150 companies. Analytics also enable compliance by assessing fitness to work, certificate expirations and supervisor-employee ratio.


Zone and mass movement analytics highlight where everyone on site is spending their time. Such analyses can reduce mobilization time by 30 percent and improve billing accuracy by 3 to 5 percent.

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