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Business needs drive IT for Agile ways of enhancing their system landscape

Today’s workforce, especially the ones working daily in the field as Sales Representatives, Service Technicians or in other client facing roles, require easy and quick access to real time information while interacting with customers. In the age of Big Data, organizations strive to capture all available information by providing workforces with capabilities to collect customer information, requirements, wishes, complaints and behavior, point in time they are been realized by workforce and prevent loss of information.

Once collected, the projection of the data into meaningful analysis is also driving the business needs in various industry sectors. Real time data analytics representation by means of dashboards using KPI’s, Graphs, Analytical Charts is the direction various competitive industries are focusing on to get more insight into their customers.

Organization workforce is not the only target group who needs information at the tip of their fingers. The agile business management needs access to quick & clearly represented information in the board rooms. These information is used to understand the business health, customer insights and area of future investments.

The Goal of above two areas of business i.e. Data collection & Data Projection is to keep the workforce in the field one step ahead of the competition and get better prediction of customer demand.

The corporate IT within Organizations play an important role to meet these business goals. It is a challenge to interpret the workforces’ demands as early as possible and find cost & time effective ways to realize the business requirements. These demands often results in huge efforts to transform available IT products into solutions the workforce demands. IT departments of organizations face these complex challenges every day and at the same time the question of maintaining the Stability of the Products & Processes with budget in hand to not disrupt the business operations.

SAP Fiori as an agile solution for business challenges

SAP Fiori is a technology where Applications can be easily developed with SAPUI5 technology and which is fully supported on Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops

Fiori provides the possibilities to design and develop applications, tailored to the variety of business demands. Working together in real time with the corporate backend system landscape, regardless if they are SAP Systems, like S4/Hana, CRM, ECC or BI, or non-SAP applications, e.g., an easy integration can be ensured to provide all data needed at any time and place. All this results in optimal usability directly at the spot where it is needed and can be provided as a cloud-based product.

Based on this technology SAP offers for CRM already nine standard applications, which are easily accessible and simplifying data collection on a plug and play basis.

Combining the capabilities of what is provided already in the standard application continuously being enhanced by SAP, with the custom applications, specialized for the organizations’ needs and business requirements, will provide business-tailored and agile solution, integrated with the existing system landscape.

To directly access all the different applications created for the workforce, the Launch Pad is the Central place for accessing all applications, that for each situation the specific application can be navigated to, to be able to collect new information, analyze real time information or to receive required facts.

With a client-tailored user interface that can increase the user acceptance. This is a very agile and cost-efficient possibility to improve existing platforms without expensive platform change and allows the business a new working experience.

Build custom Fiori applications with Accenture supporting business activities - innovative and very cost-efficient

Accenture offers its clients a cost effective and innovative way to support day-to-day activities with:

  • personalized and role-based user experience;

  • optimal usability and ease of use on multiple devices;

  • availability both on premise and in cloud;

  • high outcomes and low adoption costs;

  • for enterprise-wide engagement across lines of business.

Based on a business analysis, an example of common cross-industry scenarios have been identified and the following solution was proposed:

Sales Representatives need an easy to use tool, to support them during their sales activities and to help them to answer the following questions:

  • What are the right products to offer and to show to my customer?

  • How can it be presented in the best way possible?

  • What are the next steps?

  • How customer sales experience can be improved with every interaction?

The solution proposed is a custom built Product Catalog application designed to fulfill these requirements by providing:

  • Real-time integration with back-end systems that allow to benefit from targeted pricing offers, instant Lead and Sales Order generation;

  • Rich media content, 3D product models, video presentations etc. available at a finger tips to support Sale Representative during product demonstration Guided process of product showcase and configuration built in organic easy to use way to lead Sales representative through process;

Client benefits

With Fiori standard ready to be used on any device & SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

Clients can opt for Cloud based Fiori solution to avoid huge investment in Infrastructure & deployment cost.

As business users are part of the hands on evaluation this will allow for a better involvement and adoption later on. The future tool is not unilaterally introduced by IT instead has been commonly selected by business and IT together

Set big data culture & strategy. Transform the sales force by supporting the decisions, understanding & problem solving with big data capabilities

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