Improving customer experience management with artificial intelligence

Customers demand better and constant customer service

Digital is a new mindset for companies to interact with their customers. It is fundamentally changing the Company – Customer interaction as customers choose the channel how to communicate. They are demanding a more efficient real-time communication, no matter where they are.

With Digital Natives entering the consumer market with an expected high purchasing power customers will more than ever before be connected and interactive as well as having less patience. There is only one chance to make it right.

The Accenture Digital Assistant is a game-changing digital customer solution that drives superior customer service revolving around the customer to address their specific needs. It will constantly learn from the human interaction to continuously improve the level of their service.

The Digital Assistant can be used in multiple ways

Due to the acceleration in communication through new media such as Snapchat and Instagram the customer expectation has changed to real-time communication with instantaneous feedback. Meanwhile, companies are struggling to realize cost reductions while simultaneously innovating their services in order to reach a competitive advantage. Staff cost remains the biggest and most unsecure cost block. In order to reduce costs with innovation Accenture has implemented a Digital Assistant (DA) and helped companies to succeed in becoming the trusted companion of their customers in today’s digital world.

  1. DA as Pre-Chat Operator

    The DA is implemented as a Pre-chat Operator before every Live Chat. As a result, the customer automatically is connected with the DA before they get in contact with a Live Agent.

    With this technique the DA can already collect all relevant customer information and solve simple requests whereas the live agent can focus on answering complex questions and issues.

  1. DA as Touchpoint Manager

    With the Touchpoint Manager approach the customer contacts the DA in order to establish contact and to get their requests fulfilled. Simple requests are solved directly by the DA.

    For more complex requests the DA can put the customer through to a subject matter expert after having gathered all needed customer information and select the best possible interaction channel for the customer.

  1. DA as Agent Support Tool

    With the Agent Support Tool approach the DA is not designed for direct customer interaction but installed as an aid for Live Agents. The DA provides them suggestions for solutions and answers, which the Agent can copy into his live customer chat.

    With this technique the live agent can control the information that is communicated to the customer and can select the best option available.

Staffing and training the Digital Assistant with Accenture

With the implementation and configuration of a Digital Assistant (DA) for a telecommunications provider, Accenture helped the client to succeed in becoming the trusted companion of their customers in the digital world. The accumulated knowledge as well as a series of prototypes are the foundation of Accenture´s methodological expertise with DA’s which spans from a continuously updated overview of solution providers & quick prototyping abilities to own solutions with a patent-pending layer that learns from every customer interaction.

The DA for telecommunication companies that has been developed is able to solve simple and recurrent cases by showing relevant information (web pages, videos, and manuals). If the DA is not able to close the case, preliminary clarifications and a handover to different channels (Live Agents or Hotline) can be done.

Accenture’s approach in setting up a Digital Assistant can be divided into two phases: the “Build” phase and the “Run & Tune” phase. Within the “Build” phase, which is provided as a fixed price project, Accenture and the client develop the Web integration design and define the functional scope of the DA. As part of this phase the solution and the flows will be implemented. The second phase, “Run & Tune” is provided as a managed service.

Within this phase the chats are monitored and the solution gets incrementally optimized by using a closed loop machine based learning approach.

Client benefits

Clients can benefit from Accenture DA:

While traditional customer relationship methods such as e-mail, telephone and social media communication involves personnel costs and accompanied the risks of Human Capital, the DA will only have the costs of set up and fixed monthly-run costs.

Prompt and reliable communication can represent a competitive advantage to competitors.

As the communication with the DA is in real-time without waiting for a free live agent the customer receives prompt and specific information. It will increase the satisfaction compared to a very cost- and work intensive traditional method.

The information gained with the DA can be used to get customer insights and to develop the company in alliance with customer needs.

The Company can define and ensure the quality of communication without making sure that all live agents are training to the latest changes.

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