Unwrap the hidden core: Discover the value behind packaged customer experience solutions


Everybody is talking about the importance of outstanding customer experience management to differentiate against competition. However, when evaluating such a tool, you need to look on more dimensions than technology—due to the massive increase of customer touchpoints resulting from social media and other “uncontrolled” sources, companies also need to verify that the considered

solution will scale in their specific process framework and operation’s setup. When it comes to handling vast amounts of customer interactions you also need to consider automation to reach a certain level of efficiency by clustering interactions and selecting the ones that are adding a real benefit to your organization, all aligned with your processes and organization.


Once a company decides to implement a new Customer Experience Solution, they typically follow a predefined process to assess which solution provider has the biggest overlap with given functional and technical requirements. Some of the dimensions typically being considered for those evaluations are:

  • process,

  • solution capabilities

  • technical requirements

  • landscape considerations

  • pricing

While most providers provide clear information on functional and technical capabilities, they are often struggling to provide adequate information on how to implement their solution in companies industry. As a result companies to understand the default process framework of a specific solution. Consequently, they are failing to connect the dots and provide a holistic picture of the impact on business and their bottom line. Also, selecting a solution without a deep understanding of the supported process and resulting gaps can in the end have a negative impact on adoption of the new solution.

Getting most out of your investments

This is where Accenture comes in the game—having a deep and global industry expertise we understand how to best utilize leading edge Customer Experience solutions.

Accenture offers its clients an accelerated path to understand the process dimensions of Customer Experience Solutions. Accenture brings in not only a sequential flow of system capabilities but a comprehensive definition of an industry-specific process framework for the considered solutions. Accenture will work with the respective departments to map the existing processes against the solution’s default process and to document gaps and new value levers.

The typically process will cover three iterative and interconnected phases:

  1. Assess

  2. Map

  3. Define Future State

The Assess Phase is the foundation for the entire project. Accenture will start from your current end-to-end processes, understand process variations and pain points. In this phase Accenture will also challenge the current process, discuss key priorities and focus areas for the Customer Experience implementation.

During the Map Phase, the current process will be compared with the considered default processes for this industry. This will allow to document any process gaps with the future solution.

In the final phase, the future state for selected solutions will be defined. The final state enhances the solution’s default process with industry trends and leading practice from Accenture. Having a clear and forward-thinking target picture in mind helps organizations to not only re-engineer their current state but take the next step to create an innovative and market-leading customer experience.

Client benefits



Having an ambitious but realistic target picture helps organizations to reach the next stage of customer experience management



Understanding default process in early stages reduces risk to proceed without clear understanding



Faster evaluation whether considered solutions can support current business process and respective requirements



Outlining impact on daily routine in early stages of the project can help to build positive rapport

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