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Why is DevOps relevant?

The speed at which IT will influence the business of companies is increasing dramatically. Even today, a variety of IT innovations allow and promote new business models. Companies need to adapt to this new reality by accelerating their capacity to act and become “Digital Disruptors” themselves.

Advantages of DevOps

  • Faster time-to-market through agile development processes and automated delivery pipelines
  • Transparency and trust in software development and deployment with management, IT and users
  • Stable software architecture that is easily expandable and reduction of errors due to manual processes
  • Reduced risk and lower cost due to early and frequent feedback from testing as well as product owner reviews

Accenture is helping its clients to achieve these benefits

DevOps @ Accenture

DevOps is more than just the implementation of a continuous delivery pipeline and the introduction of new IT tools. In fact, DevOps is a combination of a new way of collaboration paired with advanced possibilities of automation reducing manual efforts and accelerating the software delivery process.

To support a successful transition to DevOps, we look at different key areas.


The prerequisite for the introduction of DevOps is the willingness of employees and leadership to change and to adopt a new way of working. It is especially challenging to change the learned behaviors and management approaches used in classic waterfall software development projects. Our team can support your workforce on this journey with targeted coaching and Change Management.

Governance & Communication

An agile DevOps model requires a different governance approach as well as amended KPIs to control, communicate and rapidly come to decisions. In a successful DevOps transformation, these steering tools should be tailored to the company’s goals.


The combination of agile and automated delivery pipelines lead to an increasingly efficient software development process. To achieve these benefits, many traditional process steps need to be changed and automated. Targeted workshops and assessments help to identify QuickWins and HotSpots.


The right tools and technologies for the implementation and operation of a DevOps delivery chain enable a continuous delivery of business value. For this purpose, Accenture offers the „Accenture DevOps Platform“(ADOP) and various sample architectures for different technologies and platforms. Additionally, we support with experts in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery as well as the connected tool chain.


Our Strengths

Automated Release
of Software

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

Automated Operations

Software Defined
Infrastructure & Cloud

Change Management

Accenture offers its clients over 15 years of experience in automation of software development and testing. Since the availability of corresponding tools and the increasing introduction of agile methods, the DevOps sector at Accenture has rapidly expanded. We are specialized in consulting and implementing DevOps transformations with high complexity and scalability on Enterprise level.

Thanks to multitude of delivered DevOps projects, Accenture has well-founded knowledge and experience regarding DevOps implementations and transformations. We support our clients to get started with DevOps or optimizing their existing approach by offering four distinct services: Advisory, Assessment, Trainings and Accelerated Transformation.


DevOps Advisory

Our team supports and consults clients in the transition from an existing IT delivery model to a DevOps pipeline. Accenture accompanies its clients from the idea to operations with proficient experts.

Our experts are skilled in the following areas:

  • DevOps Change Management & Organization
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps Configuration Management

In addition, Accenture offers support in other areas that speed up a rapid DevOps Organization, e.g. Agile Software Development, Cloud, Infrastructure as Code and Test Automation.

Contact us and benefit from the cross-industry expertise we have gained through supporting multiple of DevOps transformations. We are happy to work with you on how to best achieve your business goals using DevOps, not stopping at the conceptual side but rather addressing the individual challenges your organization may face by defining action points and a roadmap for their implementation.

Assessment Package

Our assessment aims to evaluate the current readiness of a team, project or organization for a DevOps transformation. During this process, various aspects of the software delivery process, team collaboration and the organizational structure are examined. Based on the ascertained status, actions for improvement are defined.

Our team carries out assessments with a proven DevOps Maturity Model. Through interviews and the review of tool chains our experts evaluate the current maturity and provide suggestions for improvement as well as ideas for optimization. Upon request, Accenture enables your employees to independently conduct assessments.

DevOps Trainings

Effective and tailored trainings are the best starting point for understanding, learning and implementing new concepts. The complexity of DevOps transformations in large companies requires educational measures for project teams and managers alike. Our trainers combine theoretical knowledge of various methods, approaches and technologies with years of practical experience putting these concepts into action for clients of various industries. Our DevOps Academy also includes a hands-on training lab using technical assets such as our Accenture DevOps Platform. During the training, you will have the chance to experience live changes to a productive environment including all classical quality assurance steps – fully automated.

In addition to our standard trainings, we also offer trainings and workshops tailored to your specific needs on request.

Accelerated Transformation

Our support extends beyond the definition of action points and conception of a DevOps roadmap. Key challenges of a DevOps transformation are to mobilize the organization and its people as well as in the technical implementation of the DevOps tool chain.

Our DevOps coaches will enable your organization to drive its DevOps transformation – hands on, providing:

  1. Assistance with the first steps to generate understanding and excitement for the DevOps delivery model. This comprises the governance of the DevOps model as well as the impacts on tasks and roles of employees.
  2. Support for your architects with the selection of the most suitable DevOps tools.
  3. Advice on the implementation of continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps configuration management for the tools you selected.
  4. Trainings to enable your employees to take ownership of the DevOps transformation by using our “train the trainer” approach.

Our Principles

Holistic DevOps: Thinking of DevOps as an end-to-end process – from the conception of the idea to the realization of the full potential
Enterprise DevOps: Integrating all areas from businesses to IT infrastructure
Lean DevOps: Adapting DevOps to our client’s maturity and need
Industrialized DevOps: Focusing on building up our clients DevOps capacities and scalability in the company

Who stands behind Living DevOps?

Living DevOps is a team of experienced consultants, trainers, architects, developers and infrastructure experts. Our colleagues have successfully supported and advised multiple DevOps Projects for large companies.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Contact us on LivingDevOps@accenture.com


Stephan Lange

Stephan Lange

Accenture ASGR DevOps Lead

Sabine Fontanive-Michael

Sabine Fontanive-Michael

Senior DevOps Architect

Michael Siebert

Michael Siebert

Senior DevOps Architect