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This is not your father’s business model. Back then products and services enjoyed a long, illustrious reign in the marketplace. Now they appear and disappear overnight.

Consider this: It used to take decades to build a billion-dollar company. Google did it in eight years, AirBnB in five and Facebook in two.

To grab opportunities in the face of this rapid, complex and volatile landscape, companies need to become more agile and adaptive. Speed is key to survive in the age of digital!


How to shape your digital strategy and to initiate your digital transformation journey?

Strategic Options

New Business Models
Realization of EBIT opportunities through development of new revenue streams by leveraging digital technologies.

Partial Digitization
Realization of EBIT opportunities through the digitization of the existing value chain.

Business as Usual
Knowing the risks for existing business model through digital activities of competitors.

Value Levers

Digital Customer
Applying digital technologies to improve customer’s experience significantly and thereby to positively contribute in marketing, sales and customer service to a company’s top line.

Digital Enterprise
Applying digital technologies to the existing internal value chain functions – such as research & development, manufacturing and supply chain management – as well as support functions – such as finance, human resources, procurement and IT – increases productivity and improves the bottom line of the existing business model.

Digital Business
Digital Business means to completely digitize the current business model and/or to develop new business models generating new revenue streams based on digital technologies. If you are already on your digital journey, congratulations! You may have found out that there are often little obstacles on your way which slow down the whole digitization process. We know how to turn these obstacles into digital acceleration.


We are convinced that Digital Acceleration will become a success factor for all economies and companies. Speed up your digital journey – with one of our twelve Sprints:

What are the Digital Acceleration Sprints and how do they help?

The Digital Acceleration Sprints are intensive one- to three-day workshops addressing critical milestones of your digital transformation journey enabling you to deliver targeted results in days instead of weeks. Key deliverable of each Sprint is either a rough concept, a strategic decision paper or a roadmap which you and your team can immediately build on and continue your digital journey.

Which Sprint meets my company’s current needs?

Currently we offer 12 Sprints which cover digital directions, digital solutions and digital fundamentals. Please scroll over each workshop for the related value proposition and key outcomes:

Sprint 4a: Digitization of Corporate Functions - Finance

Sprint 5: Digital Circular Economy

Key Contacts

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