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FORUM 2017

Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally changing both the way companies operate and also the way people live and work. But the secret to tapping into the full potential of AI is not in the technology itself, but rather in designing it in such a way that it is accepted by the people.

Close to 300 guests from business and academia got together at Accenture’s InnovationsForum 2017 in Munich on March 31 to discuss the benefits, potentials, and limitations of AI on stage and in interactive workshops. Would you report to a robot? What is so special about human emotional intelligence? What are the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence? Dive into the world of AI now and find out!









View the day’s full agenda, ranging from keynote speeches to panel discussions and workshops.


Frank Riemensperger (Senior Managing Director, Accenture)

10.15 a.m. KEYNOTEGrafic Recording

Artificial Intelligence: What Is Science? What Is Fiction?
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster (CEO and Scientific Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
DFKI-Accenture Partnership
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster and Narendra Mulani (Chief Analytics Officer, Accenture)

10.45 a.m. PANEL BY PAIRS Grafic Recording

Artificial Intelligence - Vision Meets Reality
Robotics & Customer Service
Olav Strand (Managing Director Central Europe, IPsoft GmbH)
Björn Theis (Foresight Manager, Evonik Creavis GmbH)
Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Enterprise
Dr. Markus L. Noga (Vice President Machine Learning, SAP SE)
Prof. Dr. Volker Tresp (Principal & Research Scientist, Siemens AG)
AI & Autonomous Driving
Christof Hellmis (Vice President Strategic Programs, HERE)
Dr. Reinhard Stolle (Vice President AI, Machine Learning, BMW AG)

11.45 a.m. KEYNOTEGrafic Recording

AI Requires New IT and New Ways to Work
Jürgen Pinkl (Technology Geographic Lead DACH, Accenture)
Sigrid Stinnes (Design Thinking and Innovation Lead DACH, Accenture)

12.05 a.m. LUNCH BREAK


Frank Riemensperger (Senior Managing Director, Accenture)


What is the potential of...
  1. AI & Analytics for the Intelligent Business?
  2. RPA & AI for Process Automation?
  3. AI for Customer Experience?
  4. AI for Cyber Security?
  5. AI for IOT & Manufacturing?
  6. New IT & AI for Software Development?
  7. AI & Analytics for the Intelligent Business?
  8. RPA & AI for Process Automation?
  9. AI for Customer Experience?
  10. AI for Cyber Security?
  11. AI for IOT & Manufacturing?
  12. New IT & AI for Software Development?
Parallel Sessions
  • Tangible Future:
    Experience specific robotics, analytics and AI use cases during our exhibition tour
  • Deep Dive:
    Discuss your AI questions with the experts from the morning sessions

2.15 p.m. COFFEE BREAK

2.30 p.m. KEYNOTEGrafic Recording

The Future of Artificial Intelligence
Jens Redmer (Principal New Products, Google)

3 p.m. PANEL BY PAIRSGrafic Recording

The Future of AI
Artificial Intelligence: People First
Dr. Holger Kömm (Director Data Science Lab, adidas Group)
Dr. Roland Weiss (Group Research Portfolio Manager, ABB)
New Business Processes and New Business Models
Heike Häfele (COO, AX Semantics)
Martin Wild (CDO, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group)
Human Machine – Interaction Improved by Data Analytics and AI
Dr. Michael Raschke (Co-Founder & Managing Director, Blickshift GmbH)
Ronny Fehling (Vice President, Head of Data Driven Technologies and Data Science CoC, Airbus)

4 p.m. WRAP UP

Frank Riemensperger (Senior Managing Director, Accenture)


Mobile XS!


The essence of the InnovationsForum captured in pictures. Follow the visual protocol of the day to get a better understanding of what AI means for the economy and the people.



Six Workshops to Identify the Potential of...

…AI & Analytics for the Intelligent Business?

Arnab Chakraborty
…AI & Analytics for the Intelligent Business?

Relevance and potential of AI in this context:

  • Artificial Intelligence holds the potential for organizations to create new ways of doing things – be it in terms of engaging with people in a hyper-personalized way or in creating new value at unprecedented speed.
  • AI has tremendous potential to augment human intelligence and capabilities, to drive innovation and to create new business models powered by data and insights.

How can Accenture help tap into new opportunities?

  • Accenture helps our clients assess the maturity of their organization for AI and define the right steps to start their AI journey.
  • Accenture can help you realize an AI idea into tangible prototypes within a few weeks by leveraging our network of AI and Analytics Innovation Centers, Future Camp studios and then help put the solution to use and scale across your business.

Key take-aways of the workshop:

  • Data is a strategic asset and we need to ensure its availability, integrity, security, and privacy to help scale AI solutions.
  • A value-led approach is key to identifying the right place to start the AI journey, in order to directly impact the customer experience and have a tangible bottom line and top line impact.
  • Capability build-up in multiple skill areas and technologies is tremendously important and impactful in driving a collaborative learning approach.
  • This requires a cultural change that needs to focus on communicating the value of Artificial Intelligence to the people in order to drive adoption of AI in business and society.

Arnab Chakraborty
Managing Director, Analytics DACH, Accenture

…RPA & AI for Process Automation?

Thomas Gonnermann
…RPA & AI for Process Automation?

Relevance and potential of AI in this context:

  • While RPA sets the digital base for an Automation Transformation, AI adds the aspects of self-learning and intelligent, autonomous decision-making.
  • The potential of AI as complementary element to RPA is to structure unstructured data (e.g. e-mails from clients), which typically fuels an RoI of less than 12 months and leads to significant reductions in average handling time.

How can Accenture help tap into new opportunities?

  • Based on implementing AI in its own Business Process Service Organization, Accenture helps clients to identify individual use cases for the implementation of AI.
  • Building on this assessment, Accenture then helps to select and implement the right AI technology products and embarks on a joint Automation Transformation journey with its clients.

Key take-aways of the workshop:

  • RPA is THE driver to reach higher productivity levels in administrative processes.
  • It lays the ground to unleash more “intelligent” automation using Artificial Intelligence to master high complexity in processes and advanced decision making.

Thomas Gonnermann
Senior Manager, Accenture

…AI for Customer Experience?

Christina Raab
…AI for Customer Experience?

Relevance and potential of AI in this context:

  • Artificial Intelligence provides the opportunity for a highly individualized, intuitive, and seamless interaction with customers that is becoming an essential part of their experience journey.
  • AI gives companies the opportunity to engage their employees in the most complex and critical interactions, thus increasing operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

How can Accenture help tap into new opportunities?

  • Accenture can support clients in creating new operating models that lever the power of AI. Based on our service design experience, we can create convincing AI-enabled customer journeys.
  • Accenture’s analytical, technology, and Business Process Services capabilities help make AI tangible for customers.

Key take-aways of the workshop:

  • AI for Customer Experience provides the opportunity for direct, effortless and efficient interaction. It eliminates technology barriers and makes life a lot easier for consumers.
  • AI provides companies with the tools to offer products and services in a more targeted way and at a reduced cost.
  • Concerns about data security and privacy as well as brand’s ability to gain direct access to the customer need to be taken seriously, given the new intermediary role of AI platforms and tools.

Christina Raab
Managing Director, Accenture

…AI for Cyber Security?

Marius von Spreti
…AI for Cyber Security?

Relevance and potential of AI in this context:

  • Security and digital trust are and will be the foundation of tomorrow’s digital businesses.
  • The number of connected devices is massively growing and with it the attack surface. To mitigate the increase risk, the latest AI advancements will be relevant to empower the next-gen cyber defense posture.

How can Accenture help tap into new opportunities?

Accenture is building security services based on platforms that harvest the latest innovations around AI:

  • Intelligent Automation: Automate security incident detection and response.
  • Enhanced Judgement: Identify previously hidden threats and provide additional context.
  • Fully Intelligent Solution: Automatically identify security events and provide adaptive defense.

Key take-aways of the workshop:

  • With the growing number of connected devices, the attack surface is exploding.
  • Security solutions need to leverage the latest enhancements of AI to mitigate the increasing threat landscape.
  • The Security AI journey starts from an Intelligent Automation to a Fully Intelligent Solution that automatically identifies security events.
  • Resilience by design and risk-based cyber defense are the new security paradigms of the smart service world.

Marius von Spreti
Managing Director, IT Security Lead DACH, Accenture

…AI for IOT & Manufacturing?

Andreas H. Schuler
…AI for IOT & Manufacturing?

Relevance and potential of AI in this context:

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in IoT and Manufacturing, ranging from assistance and efficiency improvements up to a safer operation by autonomous or partly-autonomous machines and real-time decision making.

How can Accenture help tap into new opportunities?

Accenture offers help in assessing crucial areas where AI can make an impact within an organization and helps in determining the actions required to tap into the full potential of AI. Our IIoT innovation center is the right place to start the journey.

Key take-aways of the workshop:

AI will play an important role in manufacturing, especially in assisting people in their work to run operations more efficiently and safely. It will fundamentally change the way we work today.

Andreas H. Schuler
Managing Director, Accenture Digital

…New IT & AI for Software Development?

Jürgen Pinkl und Sigrid Stinnes
…New IT & AI for Software Development?

Relevance and potential of AI in this context:

  • Cognitive – 1st level HR Support
  • Image Processing
  • Forecasting

How can Accenture help tap into new opportunities?

  • Accenture can help our clients build AI solutions at lightning speed with Design Thinking and New IT approaches like Agile, DevOps, API, Cloud, etc.

Key take-aways of the workshop:

  • A change of mindset within companies is required first and foremost.
  • We have to try things out and be able to fail fast.
  • Ethical issues with regards to AI have to be addressed openly.
  • Companies have to train their people and also change their working culture.

Jürgen Pinkl
Technology Geographic Lead DACH, Accenture

Sigrid Stinnes
Design Thinking and Innovation Lead DACH, Accenture