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in Hanover, March 20 – 24, 2017

A hummingbird flaps its wings 40 – 50 times a second. Its heart beats 400 – 500 times per minute and its breathing rate lies at up to 250 times per minute. Hummingbirds can fly sideways and backwards, they can hold their wings in almost any kind of position imaginable and evolution has enabled them to interact harmoniously with their environments.
The analogy to digitization is striking and simple at the same time: Speed, agility and a large amount of energy are prerequisites for every company that wants to keep pace with the speed of digital developments. NEW technologies, NEW partnerships and NEW techniques for boosting innovation contribute to developing NEW business models faster. Technology now fits seamlessly into our everyday world – and Accenture makes it come to life. Meet us and be inspired by what innovation can achieve with NEW technologies today. We give the motto “NEW APPLIED NOW” a unique face.




on Stage

Get an idea of our approach and our profound insights in dealing with NEW technologies on the basis of research studies and practical learnings at leading companies worldwide. Our keynotes, workshops and panel discussions include high-class Accenture subject matter experts and offer an outstanding substantial basis for starting a discussion with us.

Time flies. Please check out our timetable for regular updates.

March 20, 2017

9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Accenture Auditions@SCALE11
5 p.m. – 5.45 p.m. Accenture@Salesforce World Tour, Hall 9
„Chancengleichheit & Inklusion am Arbeitsplatz“ (Session in German)
In der Breakout-Session diskutieren Vertreter verschiedener Unternehmen, wie die Veränderungen der Arbeitswelt aufgenommen werden und welche Maßnahmen die Organisationen beschreiten, um einen aktiven Beitrag zur Gestaltung einer inklusiven und vielfältigen Arbeitsumgebung zu leisten.
Accenture Vertreter: Leah Blessin, Managing Director Cloud First ASG

March 21, 2017

9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Accenture Auditions@SCALE11
10.10 a.m. Accenture@Salesforce World Tour, Hall 9
“Accenture and Boomi deliver an SAP/Salesforce bimodal IT architecture for Merck”
Hear how Merck looked to extend their current integration architecture towards new capabilities and technologies such as big data, mobile, IoT, iPaaS. Learn how Accenture and Dell Boomi jointly delivered an SAP/Salesforce- centric bi-modal IT architecture for Merck providing agile integration, broad capabilities and an overall lower total cost of integration.
  • Dell Boomi: Ian Currie (Dell Boomi EMEA Director)
  • Merck: Björn Ebeling (Merck Integration Architect)
  • Accenture: Marco Zaccaria (Accenture Managing Director)
1.10 p.m. Accenture@Salesforce World Tour, Hall 9
"Modernisierung – Was Profit-Unternehmen von einem Non-Profit Unternehmen lernen können“
(Session in German)
Die DKMS befindet sich seit ihrer Gründung auf einer kontinuierlichen Modernisierungsreise und legt die Messlatte bei der weltweiten Registrierung und Vermittlung von Knochenmarkspendern seit vielen Jahren immer höher. Dabei leistet sie Pionierarbeit bei Ansprache, Aufklärung und Entwicklung ihrer Spender. Erfahren Sie in 15 spannenden Minuten, was Sie von einem gemeinnützigen Unternehmen wie die DKMS in Bereichen Business Excellence, Datensicherheit und Kunden- sowie Mitarbeiterbindung lernen können.
  • DKMS: Oliver Barthels (DKMS CRM Projektleiter), Nadine Otta (DKMS Fundraising)
  • Accenture: Florian Schulz (Client Account Lead DKMS), Sascha Schmunk (Accenture Delivery Lead DKMS)
3.45 – 4.30 p.m. Sakura Stage, Hall 8
"Digital Transformation - Experience New Business Models“
  • CA Technologies: Sven Mulder (Managing Director)
  • KIPSOFT: Dr. Sandra Pereira (CEO)
  • IT Hapag-Lloyd AG: Martin Gnass (Managing Director)
  • Grover: Michael Cassau (Founder & CEO)
  • Accenture: Tobias Regenfuß (Managing Director Infrastructure & Cloud Services Business ASG)

March 22, 2017

9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Accenture Auditions@SCALE11
3.30 – 5.00 p.m. Booth BVDW, Hall 12
„Wie schaffen "normale" Unternehmen die digitale Transformation”
  • PWC: Michael Pachmajer (Director Digital Transformation Familienunternehmen und Mittelstand)
  • Accenture: Benjamin Perlzweig (Senior Manager, Accenture Interactive)
  • DMK INNOVATIONS: Tim Neugebauer (Geschäftsführer)
  • Namics AG: Dr. Thomas Walter (Head of Business Solutions)
Moderation: Ingo Notthoff, Vorsitzender BVDW-Forum Digital Transformation & IoT, Leiter Marketing T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
4.35 p.m. Accenture@Salesforce World Tour, Hall 9
„Accenture Customer Engagement Platform for Manufacturers”
A showcase presentation of Accenture’s End-to-End Fullforce Solution for Manufacturers. Combining the Leading Customer Success Platform with Accenture’s Industry knowledge in a modular, flexible future proof Blueprint application. Join us in a journey of Digital Transformation towards Customer centricity, using Sales & Marketing Automation, Partner Collaboration, Smart Quoting, Field Service Management, IoT and Embedded Analytics.
  • Salesforce: Jürgen Brixel (Senior Director Salesforce Manufacturing Industry EMEA)
  • Accenture: Leah Blessin (Managing Director Cloud First ASG), Martin Frijns (Associate Director Cloud First ASG - Manufacturing Industry Lead), Thomas Grunewald (Manager Salesforce Competence & Innovation Center)
4.30 – 5.00 p.m. Sakura Stage, Hall 8
"How Artificial Intelligence is changing the game"
Frank Riemensperger (Accenture Senior Managing Director)

March 23, 2017

9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Accenture Auditions@SCALE11
10.10 a.m. Accenture@Salesforce World Tour, Hall 9
“Enabling digitized self-serviced ordering for internal spare parts @KUKA”
Discover how Kuka made their internal ordering processes and automated replacements more agile and efficient using the Apttus CPQ Solution. Their unique application handles approximately 15,000 products grouped in a multi-level hierarchy. The solution also bundles with local currency price lists built natively the core CRM solution (salesforce) and an additional 9 salesforce based projects.
  • Accenture: Florence Micol (Accenture CPQ Lead @ Cloud First Applications ASG), Alexander Aul (Project Manager @KUKA)
  • Apttus: Kamal Ahluwalia (Chief Revenue Officer)
11.45 a.m.
– 1.00 p.m.
Women in Digital Business Summit, Hall 8
Workshop “Design Thinking – From Innovation Thinking to Innovation Doing”, Sigrid Stinnes, Digital Transformation & Design Thinking Lead DACH, Accenture Digital
2.00 – 2.30 p.m. Women in Digital Business Summit, Hall 8
Keynote “Artificial Intelligence will define the Future of the Workforce”, Leah Blessin, Accenture Cloud First Applications Lead DACH





@ Salesforce World Tour

The art of mutual support and complementing each other.

For the second year in a row, Salesforce will combine its World Tour with CeBIT and showcase their impressive portfolio in live demos, industry solutions and hands-on workshops.

As the #1 global Salesforce alliance partner, Accenture will again be the exclusive Diamond Sponsor of the Salesforce World Tour. Throughout the week, in content sessions and workshops, our thought leaders will share Accenture’s extensive experience and expertise on how we are helping transform our client organizations into digital businesses with Salesforce tools. This is your chance for the best overview of the cloud business ranging from classic CRM, sales and marketing tools to the latest products and trends around e-commerce and artificial intelligence.

Join us at our Accenture booth in Hall 9 and Register today for your free Salesforce World Tour ticket including free entry to CeBIT for the whole week.

Learn more about our Accenture Salesforce Alliance:



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