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You’ve never heard business like this before.

Witness a unique symphony created from the sentiment of today’s business world. Symphonologie is a multi-sensory experience inspired from artificial intelligence methods and built by a team of strategists, creative technologists, and musicians. It’s a fusion of business and technology with awe-inspiring results.

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What is Symphonologie?

Sentiment Analysis

The process begins by identifying the biggest topics in business and tech. We compile articles on these topics—enough to fill a 600-page book—and analyze them for emotionally charged words and overall sentiment.

Generative Music

The outcome of the emotional analysis is categorized into eight different sentiments and the data is transposed into musical elements like key, tempo, pitch and note length. The music is arranged into a midi file and assigned a sample instrument, like piano. This audio file gives us our first taste of the music of business.

Composition & Arrangement

The music files are provided to the composer who identifies musical motifs to build his symphony around. His goal is to stay true to the spirit of the generated melodies, while intensifying the emotive tones to give a better sense of the changing sentiment through the piece.

Live Performance

The orchestral arrangements are shared with the data visualists, who cross-reference key moments of the music with sentiment mappings from the source material. From this, he creates a live visual art display to help convey the emotional story as the orchestra debuts the symphony for the very first time.

Behind the Music

Meet the minds helping to bring the music of business to life. They’re uncovering something beautiful where business and technology connect.

Accenture Strategy, Business Leaders + Technologists

Accenture Strategy

Business Leaders + Technologists

Working with clients large and small around the globe, and coming from a deep technology heritage, these strategists have an extensive knowledge of the current and emerging technologies disrupting the world today. In Symphonologie, these insights serve as the source for the sentiment around business and technology—the hopes, fears, ambitions and projections of today’s world of business.

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Hannah Davis

Creative Technologist + Musician

Hannah is a programmer, artist and musician from New York City. Her TransProse artificial intelligence program analyzes emotionally charged words in text and converts them into musical melodies. For Symphonologie, she analyzes the collected writings and source material around issues at the intersection of business and technology—and uses her program to generate a series of musical motifs that match the business sentiment.

Download video transcript (PDF)

Rare Volume

Interactive Design + Data Artists

Rare Volume is a design and technology studio in New York City, specializing in motion, creative code and interactive installations. They utilize techniques from visual effects and motion graphics to drive interactive experiences, marrying visual design and code. In Symphonologie, they create visual art to accompany the live orchestral performance, connecting the business sentiments to the music it inspired, and bringing to life the full impact of this unique, immersive experience.

Download video transcript (PDF)

Mathieu Lamboley

Composer + Pianist

Mathieu is a celebrated French composer living in Paris. His award-winning work includes musical scores for 20 films, as well as an array of compositions for musical theater and commercials. He is playing dual roles for Symphonologie: composing a full symphonic arrangement based on the machine-generated melodies, and conducting the orchestra for the live debut performance.

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