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SAP rollout for enhanced financial reporting

Cementos Argos embarked on an SAP implementation to enhance reporting and business visibility.


Cementos Argos is the largest cement and concrete company in Colombia, and has a significant presence in other regions including the United States, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guyana and Suriname.

Cementos Argos possessed an SAP solution for its concrete business in Colombia, and sought to implement the same solution for its concrete operations in the United States, a business that included over 300 plants. At the same time, the company had an SAP solution for its cement business in the United States, operating with one company code, and needed to merge the United States-based concrete business onto the same company code—while still maintaining the ability to generate separate financial information to determine the profitability of both businesses.

Cementos Argos’ Journey


Cementos Argos and Accenture successfully deployed SAP ECC 6.0 for its United States-based concrete business and unified all businesses under a single SAP system. Key results include:

  • Standard corporative processes adopted by all Cementos Argos’ United States-based businesses.

  • 500 users trained in the new SAP system.

  • Full deployment of SAP for all business operations, including sales, delivery, production, maintenance, human resources, projects, finance and cost.

  • The modification of corporate finance reports to cover United States business requirements.

  • The automation of numerous manual processes, including the enablement of automatic tax calculation through ONSOURCE.

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